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You have to be willing to trust and allow divine guidance to assist you. Your spiritual helpers delight in empowering you in ways you've never imagined.

My  name is Denise Exler and I am a Licensed Spiritual Healer. I follow no organized religion; I simply work through Spirit (God, Universe, Source) to empower people in all areas of their lives. We are all beautiful energetic light beings who came to this world to make a profound difference. 

We are meant to live miraculous and abundant, joyful lives. If you're feeling unwell and unworthy, tired and incomplete, listless and unfulfilled, confused and overwhelmed....welcome to the human race as most people live in this state of being. I know this all too well as this was once my life too. I am now living the life I am destined for. And you can too!

Although some may see me as this, I make no claim to be a Shaman. And I am certainly not a medical doctor. However through my experiences and studies into this realm, I have discovered that powerful, life changing energies are channeled from Source through my drumming while working with others. My profound connection to upper world healers is through my drum. And thus I call this meetup site Sacred Healing Drum. 

I have studied other alternative modalities such as reflexology, reiki, body regeneration, aromatherapy and so on; however the foundation of what I do is my relationship with the pure Source energy and the transmitting of it through my drum. I promise that its not scary and its not voodoo. I only work with the highest energetic light available which is our God Source. When we pray, we tap into this beautiful loving energy that only wants for us to live abundant, joyful, fulfilling and healthy lives. That is the same Source of love and light that channels through my drum and my being to you. Just think of it as this. I am providing a connection for you, until you are able to awaken, reconnect and use this energetic cable of Source light yourself.

It's only when we reconnect and realize that we're beautiful spiritual beings who came here with our soul's purpose that we begin to realize miracles on all levels. Open up to to receive what you desire to manifest, both in your physical being and in your life. Embark on your soul's true path.

What do you feel is holding you back? Where do you want to see a shift in your life? Let the universe bestow you with what is naturally yours, what you are entitled to. Live the life of your dreams and awaken to WHO you are.

If you feel drawn to work with me, please contact me with any questions. I'm a good listener.

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