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Welcome to Sacred Heart Awakening, here we are dedicated to assist anyone that is searching to experience their highest potential. Through a process of understanding oneself, you begin to realise that you have the ability to shift your reality in a way that brings you joy, love and inner peace. The more you understand yourself, the more you understand your relationship with others.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The tools provided here will help you develop these areas of your life as you begin to experience that you are the architect of your creations. My personal journey has shown me that we can massively transform our lives and have experiences that will defy our imagination. I have come to understand that there is no difference in ability between individuals, it is simply just a difference in awareness.

Wishing you a loving and sacred journey.



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Spiritual Alchemy - Know Yourself

Live Online

This new 3 month program is for those that are ready for their next step. Those who have searched and now realise that the only person that can give them the answers that they seek is within themselves. Only you know who you are, the architect of your reality. Spiritual Alchemy is inward focused, in understanding oneself through multidimensional awareness. Your physical reality is a reflection of your inner world, which directly affects the way you experience it. Through the program you will experience the following: • Knowledge – Increased awareness in understanding oneself and their creative processes • Love – Expanding heart consciousness through wisdom • Power – Self-empowerment through love and wisdom Spiritual Alchemy is the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine; the synergy of the divine mind and the divine heart, the balance of the electric and magnetic forces within. The program will assist you in looking inward using a multidimensional approach. In the three-month program, you will see yourself in a clarity that you have not experienced before. With multidimensional awareness, the improbable becomes possible; our senses heighten, our dream world evolves, the nature of our reality changes. Click here for more information: http://bit.ly/spiritual-alchemy

Bali Retreat: Opening To Love, Energy Healing & Transmission

Join us on a retreat that is designed for you to connect and open to the love that exists within by awakening your connection to your Life Force, expanding your heart consciousness and radiating love both inwards and outwards. Transforming your life into loving and fun experiences. Why Self Love? Some of us have been searching for love in the wrong places, getting hurt on the way, letting people hurt us, even judging ourselves; because deep within we have forgotten that we have an infinite supply of love. During these 7 days, we will guide you towards opening the door to forgotten treasure that lies deep within you. Our Self-Love retreat is the perfect gift to celebrate and love thyself! And we are preparing something very special for you! You can read more about the retreat here: https://sacredheartawakening.com/bali-self-love-retreat-sept Connect with us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to experiencing the Bali magic with you. With love Aang & Ilona

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