What we're about

Sacred Light Sisters are a group of women on a mission to share Sacred Wisdom with others at this time of need. In our circles, workshops and retreats, many golden nuggets of wisdom will be expanded upon and explored for application in modern life. There are vast amounts of both new and newly rediscovered information pouring into our world and it can be challenging to find time to sift through all the information to find what is helpful and useful in our daily lives. We want to empower as many people as possible with their own Sovereignty moving forward in their lives.

We will begin by exploring the importance of emotional clarity and learn methods of balancing emotions in order to center ourselves in the fast paced modern world, such as: meridian tapping, flower essences, sound healing, spoken word, essential oils, crystals and more.

Sacred Light Sisters believe in the power of collaboration and community, drawing upon each member’s strengths for balance and harmony. Here, you are part of an open-minded group that encourages the emergence of your authentic self.

Past events (5)

Empty the Mind, Fill the Heart

Needs a location

Coffee Talk

Village of Wauwatosa Shops

Winter Solstice Mini Retreat

Holy Hill

Meet & Greet—2nd Round

Whole Foods Market

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