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This is a tribal call ... to wake up and explore the wild magical side of yourself. To discover, explore and consciously create a life that truly pleases you on all levels. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically.

The Sacred SHAKTI Goddess Tribe offers a safe and sacred space to uplift and empower each other no matter your race, sex, age, shape or size.

The universal mother, the soul of the earth, is calling us all into seeking and making conscious connections with our true tribe. For us to come together and hold each other in love, acceptance, compassion, support, grace and joy! YOU are not alone, you no longer need to suffer in silence, feel isolated, disempowered or believe in the old outdated and "boring" way of living life.

If you have been desiring to find your tribe, the souls who want, need and desire to release the "competition" consciousness and step into the " creative collaboration" movement, this tribe is for you Goddess!

Shakti ( the sanskrit name for ) Goddess, lives within each and every one of us, she does not discriminate against your body, race, culture, country, bank account, the clothes you wear, sexual orientation or your status in life. She is the unconditional life giving force of creativity, love, passion, healing, channeling and much more.

If you have a keen interest in learning, participating and growing through the teachings of the goddess, we adore you! Open arms & hearts await you. See you soon!

We encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and dive into a magical space of conscious connections, collaborative dreaming, singing, dancing, sharing our stories as we learn the sacred teachings of the Goddess!

***This is a cannabis friendly meetup group, but not limited to cannabis users only. We encourage teaching the right spiritual use of this plant to receive healing connect with the Goddess Realms and open authentic creative self expression.

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