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An Evening with Sacred Sound Healing and Messages from Spirit
PLEASE REMEMBER TO GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY. E-transfer directing to Rev Sheila at [masked] for early bird discount of $40.00 or pay $45.00 at the door (based on availability!) Sheila will email you confirmation of payment. -------------------------------------------- Come join Shaman and Sound Healer Anthony Barr as he teams up with Medium and Healer Rev. Sheila Black for an evening of healing and connecting to Mother Earth energy. Tony and Sheila have been doing ceremonies together since 2009. We will have a guided meditation with Tony’s seven chakra flutes and Sheila will give messages from your loved ones in spirit. We join in a circle and create a healing vortex of sound that invites in the ancestors, your loved ones in spirit, to come join us in the healing. Advance payment is $40 e-transfer to Rev. Sheila at [masked] or $45 at the door. There is limited seating so please book early! One reading with Sheila and four of Tony’s beautiful flute CDs will be drawn as door prizes. ***FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY*** There is no guarantee that everyone will receive a message.

Hugh Foster Hall

141 King Street · Milton, ON


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    Dec 21, 2012 "The End of the Mayan Calendar" has come and gone. Now is the time of the "Great Shift" on the planet.

    We will be working towards people becoming the"Warriors of the Rainbow" as prophecized according to the Hopi's. Below is a description of the "Warriors of the Rainbow".

    Warriors of the Rainbow

    When the earth is dying there will arise a new tribe of all colours and creeds

    The tribe will be called "The Warriors of the Rainbow" and it will put it's faith in actions and not words.

    Prophecy of the Native American Hopi People.

    The Warriors of the Rainbow would spread these messages to all peoples of the earth.

    They would teach them how to live the "Way of the Great Spirit".

    The tasks of these "Warriors of the Rainbow" are many and great.

    "We are a part of the earth and she is part of us" Chief Seattle

    There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart.

    They will find willing minds and hearts that will follow them on this road to bring "Mother Earth" back to her beauty and plenty once more.

    "When we show respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us". (Arapaho Proverb)

    A new universe is flying through the cosmos about to enter the earth's heavens.

    Prophecies of a people who will rise from the earth's ashes like a Thunderbird symbolizing rebirth.

    They will bring balance and harmony back to Mother Earth.

    They will be the path finders leading the way to a new universe, a new reality.

    Great leaders, spiritual leaders and warriors of all nations will be born and they will cleanse the earth for rebirth.

    Together they will be called "Rainbow Warriors" for they will gather the four sacred directions, all distinctly separate but forever connected to the "Circle of Life".

    They will bring together the four races of man to live in peace.

    The four sacred directions and the four races of man are symbolized by the glory of the rainbow.

    The sacred circle of life turns slowly but inevitable back to where it began. As each age passes it cannot be reclaimed.

    Now is the time we begin to prepare ourselves to become the inheritors of Mother Earth. To become "Warriors of the Rainbow" for the sake of our children and all humanity. The road to the future is not red. It is a rainbow leading to the Creator's grace by way of prayer, good works, faith. To be chosen to walk the path to LIght is not a decision made by some religous leader, a government agency or politician. Our very survival depends on it. It is a personal choice made by mind and heart made free of idols of modern materialism. It is a decision made between you and the Creator. As one with nature and all creation.

    "The world is a dangerous place, not becauseof those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing". Albert Einstein

    Save Mother Earth, turn on the Light!

    "Let me now pray to be sheltered from dangers, but fearless in facing them". Rabindranath Tagore

    For those of you who have attended our ceremonies in the past you will realise that our teachings have followed the "Warriors of the Rainbow". It is now time to realise who you can be.

    What we will do:

    It is a rainbow leading to the Creator's grace by way of prayer, good works and faith.

    This is all you need:

    It is a personal choice made by mind and heart made free of idols of modern materialism. It is a decision made between you and the Creator. As one with nature and all creation

    The Seven Directions
    The Seven Grandfathers
    The Seven Sacred Fires and the latest regarding the lighting of the Eighth fire in 2012
    The Seven Songs and teachings of the Nawal Eagle Clan
    The Seven Colours of the Rainbow and the Teachings of the Rainbow Warrior
    The Sacred Seven Chakras and colours identical to the rainbow!!Open up each one to become the Rainbow Warrior (the seven stone healing ceremony)
    The Sacred Seven Emotions

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