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I welcome you to take a moment to read through the description and intentions of Sacred Shimmy Circles to determine if this is an appropriate and nurturing space for you. Better yet, I invite you to visit http://www.shimmycircles.com to get more information about the circles and more.

Please note: This is a not a typical belly dance work out class, however it is a "holistic," co-creative workout with your embodied Divinity, Sacred Feminine and/or inner Shimmy Goddess.

The "belly" includes the whole region between your diaphragm and perineum. This belly area includes the torso, pelvic bowl, reproductive organs, gut instinct, and physical and emotional hunger, digestion, absorption and elimination (letting go). The belly area is also known as a source of pleasure, joy, creativity and human life.

Each Shimmy Circle welcomes and encourages any of the following topics and intentions:

* Women's Bodies: body-based wisdom, sacred sexuality, intuition, moon cycles, Goddess archetypes, self-expression, healing body image, trauma healing, ancestral healing

* Exploration of spiritual-sexual intuition, healing and empowerment.

* Connection and relationship to Mother Earth, Mothering, fertility, creativity, womb/yoni/belly/voice, purpose

* Relationship to self-worth, self-love, self-care, self-trust, receiving, giving, support, confidence, pleasure, forgiveness and emotional awareness/embodiment

* Relationship to daily/weekly/monthly self-care rituals

* Practices to calm, release, heal and empower stress, anxiety, fear, transitions, loss, etc.

* Healing rituals to call in more clarity, courage, balance, health, abundance, community, love, support, joy, peace, fulfillment, growth and the spirit of gratitude

* Womanhood and rites of passages--honoring death and rebirth seasons and cycles

Please note: this is not an instructional dance class with choreography. This is a women's healing empowerment circle that gives basic movement guidance and direction for women to integrate and evolve with their natural, sacred movement.

All levels, sizes, shapes, colors, orientations, faiths, and ages of maturity are welcome.

Music: Global beats of Middle Eastern and non-Middle Eastern are uniquely woven into each circle to inspire, evoke and awaken the Ancient Goddess within.

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