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It's about Soul Living! This is a community for those dedicated to the path of following their soul's journey, the path to their hearts. Join a tribe of fellow seekers who want to live to their highest potential and grow their spiritual awareness and intuitive gifts. A place that's safe to be exactly who you are and to build connections. Let your amazing light shine!

Get together to learn, have fun, and support one another on this crazy, messy, magical ride called Life. Classes, courses, Soul-shops, and community events are offered in spirituality, intuitive development, channeling, metaphysics, personal growth, healing & recovery, and healthy living.


Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., lovingly channels messages from Spirit to provide you guidance and clarity, and helps you connect with crossed-over loved ones. She's an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channel, Spiritual Advisor, Pet Communicator, Energy Healer, and Certified Angel Card Reader.

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during the healing process that she began receiving messages from the angels. As a child, she experienced psychic visions and visitations.

Italia offers Readings in Mediumship, Angel Cards, Romance/Relationships, Life Purpose/Career, Past Lives, Star Origins, Auras, Pet Communication, and Your Angels & Spirit Guides. Along with Readings, she offers one-to-one Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring, Spirit Team Life Coaching, and classes.

She's an inspirational speaker, Certified Angel Card Reader, Professional Automatic Intuition Practitioner and Master Level RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healer (Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light & Pranic Therapy). She owns and operates Italia Oliver: Soul-to-Soul Coaching LLC.

Italia's facilitated a variety of classes at the Learning Light Foundation in Southern California and through her Meetup group, Sacred Soul Circle: Spiritual & Intuitive Development, related to the archangels, angel card reading, starseeds, meditation, mediumship, and a Paranormal & ET Encounters Group.

Guided by Spirit, she created The Stairway to Healing®, a program designed to reconnect people to the aliveness, wholeness, and empowerment that resides in us all.

Italia is also the creator of Angel Light Essences, her brand of powerful spiritual tools, blessed and tuned to Solfeggio Frequencies at 528Hz, to harmonize your body, mind, and soul. These channeled angelic essences are inspiration for the soul and help you open a channel for divine communication.

In addition to hosting her own weekly YouTube show, which covers topics in spirituality, metaphysics, channeling, and healing, Italia has appeared on the popular podcast, Shift Your Spirits, the internet radio show Psychic Horizon, and the Xpansion Network.

As a breast cancer survivor, her greatest passion is to help you find Peace, Healing, and Hope, sprinkled with a little Magic. Using her empath-born abilities and positive nature, Italia's mission is to be a vessel for Spirit to help empower you to make choices, let go of what no longer serves you, honor your true self, stand in your wisdom, and achieve your best life. Because there's more to life than you can see, and she can show you how.

You can learn more about Italia and her offerings at: http://www.italiaoliver.com (http://www.italiaoliver.com/)

Subscribe to Italia's Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/italiaoliver

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