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This group is for folks who want to heal old wounds and clear trapped emotions and trauma for self-improvement and personal growth. We will be focused on achieving happiness, health, love, joy, peace and abundance/prosperity. Each consecutive group will focus on topic to promote greater emotional/mental balance, emotional health, stress reduction, harmony, self-acceptance and getting on with or up leveling life purpose. It's all about achieving greater spiritual growth by overcoming the tests and challenges presented by life. We will be clearing your subconscious patterns of sabotage, self-defeat, fears, blues many other subconscious patterns and emotions thoroughly Mind/Body and Spirit. In each group I will pick up the patterns of the group and clear them as far as time will allow. I will then do sound healing (Song Flower Healing) to heal do Pauli exclusion. Because every emotion, pattern and physical ailment has frequencies I can pick up (emphatically, intuitively) your frequencies and recreate them with sound. As two things cannot exist in the same time/space continuum your challenges are eliminated very quickly on the spot. If I intuit it's needed, sometimes group members will be invited to sing along. I will be teaching kinesiology so that you can measure your progress and know where you are at all times during your healing journey. This form of sound healing came to me after a near death experience and is oriented towards the healing and spiritual growth.

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Please join me for another Sacred Sound and Reimaging Workshop

Santosha Nobel Hypnotherapy

Compassion and Grace for Immigrants

Santosha Nobel Hypnotherapy

Please join me for another Sacred sound Reimaging Workshop

Santosha Nobel Hypnotherapy


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