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Sacred Tantra is a practice of uniting your sexuality with your heart and consciousness. The organizer is Lourdes Starshower, www.tantrahealerflorida.com. She is available for private sessions in North Palm Beach and via Skype from anywhere in the world. She has developed a set of DVDs titled Tantra Practices for Divine Ecstasy so you can access this powerful training in your own home. It is available at: http://www.tantrahealerflorida.com/video.

Tantra is also about healing the places inside that keep you from being truly loving to yourself, your partner, your family and the world. It is a way to elevate your sexuality to sacredness while simultaneously enhancing your spiritual growth.

Tantra is NOT just for couples! Why wait for a partner when you can begin Now to heighten your Kundalini (energy), raise your vibration and attract more Love in your life?

You will learn solid techniques that you can practice at home to increase your ability to create intimacy in relationships, enhance your pleasure, expand your consciousness, deepen your meditation practice and bring in profound peace and joy.

We offer a variety of classes and playshops on all aspects of Sacred Tantra. Meetups are educational and yet largely experiential. In these beautiful heart-connected classes you will experience an expansion of your heart and an opening to bliss/ecstasy known as the "heartspace" and you will find yourself responding to life in general from a more centered and loving place within.

There is no nudity or sex in the classes.

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40 Day Feast for the Soul Meditations & 2 Parties

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FEAST FOR THE SOUL (Florida) 2019: 40 Days of Online Meditation and Mindfulness! Plus, Two S. Florida In-Person Celebrations: January 15 and February 24. This is the Transformation Bargain of the Year! January 15 through February 24, 2019. Lourdes Starshower's online active guided meditation is "Tantric Approach to Self-Love and Self-Pleasure." I usually air near Valentines' Day because of my theme but I'm not certain when it will air this year. Hosted by: Val Silidker, M.S, BCC REGISTER HERE --> https://bit.ly/2FpRV5J Do you feel the level of intensity rising in your life and in our world? Would you like to experience more peace, connection, self-awareness and community? "Forty days of heart-centered intention can change your life. It will unleash the only force that truly has the power to set your life in the direction of the purpose, peace, contribution and abundance you desire." - The Power of Presence. Come together with over 40 teachers, musicians and leaders from our Florida community as, together, we commit to and support each other in 40 days of meditation and mindfulness. WHAT IS THE FEAST FOR THE SOUL? The Feast for the Soul is a 40-day global spiritual intensive both online and in-person that promotes self discovery, mindfulness, meditative and creative practices and a deeper sense of awareness and inner peace. Think of it like a virtual retreat whereby you can commit to 40 days of spiritual practice through meditation, movement, breathwork, yoga and more. During the Feast, You Will Experience: - our in-person opening ceremony and closing celebration party (we will livestream these events so you can still participate no matter where you live) - 40 days of guided video meditation, yoga, music/mantra, breath work and movement each morning in your email inbox with 40 different local guides - gifts from our teachers to support you beyond the 40 days - our facebook group for continuous interaction, accountability and support - incredible community, new friends and partnerships - And EVERYTHING is included with registration! HOW IT WORKS: Please register to be part of the Feast for the Soul. There is a sliding scale so you can pay what you can at only $37, $57 or $77. Proceeds are donated to the 501(c)(3) non-profit Children & Nature Network. We will meet in-person for our opening ceremony and again for our closing celebration after the Feast (we will livestream these events so you can still participate no matter where you live). During the days in between, you will receive a video each morning, featuring one of our Florida Feast teachers to support you in your meditation practice. You will experience guided meditation, music, mantra, yoga and other mindfulness practices throughout your journey. ~ OPENING CEREMONY IS IN-PERSON TUESDAY, JAN 15th ~ 7 - 9:30pm Lauderdale Tennis Club 600 Tennis Club Dr Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311 * Our opening ceremony is FREE for everyone, whether or not you register for the full 40-day Feast. So come join us! ~ CLOSING CEREMONY IS IN-PERSON SUNDAY, FEB 24TH ~ 5:45 - 9:30pm The Sacred Space Miami 105 NE 24th St Miami, Florida 33137 *The closing celebration is FREE for all registered participants of the Feast. If you are not registered for the Feast, the cost for this event is $20. The Feast for the Soul is a powerful way to step into the new year together as community. By signing up to participate, you are joining a growing global community committed to sustaining a daily spiritual practice and expanding awareness. It is this inner work that allows us to contribute, wholeheartedly, to the changes needed in our lives, our relationships and our world. Join us for this life changing journey. REGISTRATION --> https://bit.ly/2FpRV5J

Tantra As a Path to Relationship Mastery at the NewLife Expo, Boca

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Deerfield Beach - Boca Raton


TANTRA AS A PATH TO RELATIONSHIP MASTERY LECTURE by Lourdes Starshower. Saturday 2pm Everglades room Single or coupled, creating alchemy with Tantra (Sacred Sexuality) raises our Self-Love, Divine-Love and our ability to attract and maintain a higher level partnership. Come learn solid techniques to expand your heart, awaken your pineal gland (6th Chakra) and drop into your juicy sensual self (second chakra). Learn why most partnerships fail and how to become Evolutionary Allies in mutually supportive relationship. Lourdes Starshower, Sacred Sexuality Coach, Hypnotherapist and Tantra Certification Provider offers workshops, classes and private sessions in North Palm Beach. GODDESS PANEL with Lourdes Starshower & Goddess Sisters. Saturday 4pm Hillsboro room Join me and some of my favorite Goddess Sisters. This panel explores the many aspects of being a goddess as well as dealing with goddesses in the areas of relationships, leadership roles, sexuality, artistic expression, family, business, friendship, nurturing, compassion love and Spirituality... Conscious men are especially encouraged to attend as they are directly involved in the rise of the goddess!!. With the panel of Goddess’s you will rediscover and reconnect with your inner Goddess... and learn together how to live as Goddesses. So ladies let our goddesses show you how to open up and reclaim and surrender to the goddess within you and how you can attract the man you deserve to surrender to the goddess within you. So dear conscious men, if you want to open up your inner Goddess and learn how to treat your woman as a goddess so they can treat you as the God u are. Please join us for a blissful and sacred journey Price is $15 per day or $25 for both days in advance. $5 more at the door. JOIN NEWLIFE EXPO IN BOCA/DEERFIELD ON FEB 2-3. South Florida's Largest & Oldest Conscious Living Event in its 29th year For A Weekend Of over 60 Lectures, Exhibits, classes, New Age music, Healthy Food, Music Conscious Coupling, Metaphysics & FUN. With speakers such as Tantra Expert Lourdes Starshower, Astrologer Susan Miller, Nutritionists Brian Clement & Dr. Hoel Wallach, Intuitive Gail Thackray, UFO & Ascension Specialist Tracy Ash and Yogi Mark Becker for only $15 for the day or $20 for the whole weekend.. Full details, speakers, event schedule and registration are here: https://newlifeexpo.com/

Couples' Ecstatic Valentines' Weekend Retreat

Ambiance Dance Studio


In this Perfect Romantic Couples' Retreat, you'll experience deeply profound connection to your Beloved. Seasoned couples will return to the sweetness, passion and natural high of your initial connection. New couples will deepen your connection, raise your ecstasy and strengthen your future together. Same-gender couples are welcomed! ♥ February 16-17, 2019 Saturday 11 am - 7 pm, Sunday 10 am - 6 pm Early Bird Pricing through January 15, 2019: $550 per couple, $450 for previous participants of either my 1-day or 2-day couples' events. (Cacao Ceremony & Concert are included, Meals and Lodging are not) This class is experiential and all practices will be in cozy connection between you and your partner (no switching partners) There will be no nudity or explicit sexuality in this class, yet you'll go home ready for a night of sweet private, Beyond the Beyond, Ecstasy. * Awaken to Extra-ordinary sensory awareness. * Learn classic Tantra techniques and postures to raise the bar on your Lovemaking. * Invigorate your passion, pleasure and desire for each other. *Drop your walls and heart protection and open to sharing profound harmony and bliss. * Learn to ride ecstatic waves into whole body multiple O's for both partners. * Experience Tantric Presence, a Divine "High" that far outshines the experience of any drug or champagne. * Practice tools and techniques to overcome the blocks and walls that naturally build over time. * Establish sweeter emotional intimacy through heart to heart dialogue and Compassionate Communication. * Connect energetically using breath and visualization to increase the power of your magnetic attraction, your passion and your pleasure. * Experience your partner as the God/Goddess they really are and Learn to connect to the Divine through the heart of your Beloved. * Unlock the mysteries of the female erectile network, her fascinating Vulva and all of its intricacies beyond the commonly known pleasure spots. * Gentlemen, learn solid techniques to master ejaculatory choice. * Learn how to give your female partner a Tantric Yoni massage which you will practice in privacy on Saturday night. * Learn how to give your male partner a Tantric Lingam massage which you will practice in privacy on Sunday night. * Enjoy a deliciously heart-expanding Cacao Ceremony and Concert led by Professional Musician and Shamanic Priestess Jen Rose. https://www.jenrosemusic.com/ Great event for novices and experienced Tantrikas alike. Healers, spiritual seekers and those new to the realm of Energy will all benefit from the beauty of this weekend retreat. Because of the Romantic nature of this event we only have room for 16 couples. This twice yearly event has sold out six years in a row so I imagine it will again. I will send you a preparation email the week before the workshop. ** Early Bird Pricing through January 15, 1919 ** $550 per couple $450 for Repeat Couples Payable through Paypal using this link through January 15: https://www.paypal.me/TantraHealerFlorida/550 Or this link if you've previously taken my 1 or 2-day Couples Retreat: https://www.paypal.me/TantraHealerFlorida/450 After January 15 if tickets remain: $600 per couple https://www.paypal.me/TantraHealerFlorida/600 After January 15 if tickets remain: $500 to Repeat the Class https://www.paypal.me/TantraHealerFlorida/500 Call Lourdes with any questions. [masked]

East Coast Tantra Festival 2019

Camp Timber Trails

We are honored to announce the Third Annual East Coast Tantra Festival from May 15 - May 19, 2019! Use Discount Code Lourdes10 to receive a 10% discount off of your entry fee. Click here for details, photos from previous festivals, pictures from the East Coast venue and of course tickets: https://eastcoasttantrafestival.com/ What makes a Tantra Festival so special? You. And so many others seeking the same thing. It is a gathering of the tribes. A festival is where we all come together, regardless of if we are taking a first step or we have been teaching for 20 years. A gathering of different teachers from various lineages to share their arts. A place where yoga, dance and time in nature is woven in and each person has a deeply individual experience, while being on a shared journey. WHEN AND WHERE: Camp Timber Trails is a 417 acre community owned property immersed in lush nature which includes rich forests and a 16 acre pond in the foothills of the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. You will have a choice to camp out in this natural setting or to stay in one of our simple shared dorm rooms. It is central enough to be accessible to most of the region, as it is only 2 hours from NYC or Boston, 1 hour 15 minutes from Albany and just 45 minutes from the Hartford, CT airport. The festival will officially begin with a Special Opening Ceremony at 5:30pm on the 15th. It is also possible to arrive a day early from 3pm on the 24th to allow extra time to settle in. The festival will offer many workshops throughout the day where you can “choose your own adventure” as you pick which offerings to take advantage of, or perhaps you take some time to integrate and be in nature. We anchor the festival with a morning meeting to start in a good way as a tribe and an evening ceremony where we come together and are held in Tantric ritual, so you will truly feel the gift of community and connection. Tantra Workshops * 5 Rhythms * Ecstatic Dance * Live Concerts * Yoga * Love Lounge * Cuddle Parties * Healing Temple * Sacred Ceremonies * CONFIRMED TEACHERS: * Lourdes Starshower * Shashi Solluna * Monique Darling * Eugene Hedlund * Peter Petersen * Cathleene Cienfuegos * Robyn Vogel * Kiya Shanti * Freya Ruth McFarlane * Amanda Ananda * Alaya Love * Lucia Gabriela If you’ve ever been interested in exploring the full range Tantra – from spiritual awakening, to sacred sexuality, to just delighting more in the taste of your food and sensing the nature around you – then this is the place to do it! Eating together is part of the festival, tickets are fully inclusive of 3 meals a day. All our meals are Organic and Vegetarian and prepared with love – if you have any special dietary requirements please let us know in the additional information on the booking form. TICKETS: $513 per person camping - $559 per person dormitory We also have work trade positions available with a partial scholarship. For Information and application click "volunteer" under the "info" pulldown on our website: https://eastcoasttantrafestival.com/ We accept Bitcoin, ETH, LTC and some other crypto currencies as payment. Reach out direct for wallet information if this is your preference. Join us for a life changing weekend discovering how these ancient arts can support you in living the most full, inspired and blissful modern life you can imagine. Come connect, fall in love with yourself and have some fun! Underneath all the fun connections, eye gazing, dancing, meditating, cuddling, something else going on… By coming together as a tribe that is open and willing to change, these gatherings become an energetic focus on the earth, piercing through personal maya and unblocking energy like acupuncture needles – they allow for a shift in consciousness that can ripple out deeper into the collective. You are invited! Your tribe is waiting. We will meet you there!

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