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Our mission is to provide spiritual support, religious and educational services to the local Puget Sound community. We are a group of individuals who choose a path of service to the Lord and the Lady through presentation of regularly scheduled open public rituals, discussion groups, and gatherings.

Sacred Well Ministries outreach efforts include support of Prison Ministry and future Hospital/Pastoral Care Ministry programs. We are always looking for new avenues of service to the Pagan community.

We seek balance in all things. As we serve our community and our Gods, so must we remember to serve ourselves. Retreats and gatherings that include family and friends also serve to strengthen our bonds and renew our energy. “For if that which you seek, you find not within, then surely you will never find it without.” *

Personal responsibility is one of our most highly held values. Without it, lives, families, and communities fall into chaos. “Keep pure your highest ideal. Strive ever toward it. Let naught stop you nor turn you aside.” *

As one of our most beloved Teachers & Elder is fond of saying: “Take your brain with you.”

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