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Lots more info about us on our website: SafetyThirdRacing.com (http://safetythirdracing.com)

AMA Charted club in OH focused 100% on Drone Racing! Calling all serious and dedicated FPV drone racers. Looking to fly courses, hold races, exchange build information, practice together and push limits. Racing meetups will involve a race course with video frequency management. Some locations will require AMA membership. All Team S3 official pilots have AMA and we strongly recommend you join http://www.modelaircraft.org/

This is primarily an FPV proximity / race course piloting community. Emphasis on speed, clean builds, education and 3D parts design. Primary formats are 250/180. Winter and indoor events utilize Tiny Whoop nano builds. Beginners are welcome. Let us help you develop good flying etiquette and good habits. We strive to be great examples of how to be responsible pilots. Our very active day to day conversations are in a slack channel. Join this meetup, fly with us at least once and you will get an invitation. This brand new Central Ohio S3 Chapter is part of a network of Safety Third Racing chapters which started in NY/NJ, where they are the largest and most active FPV Racing team in the Tri State Area.

We host 3 kinds of events

• Closed Sessions - This is an internally coordinated event for existing pilots only. We might be putting on an FPV race demo for a private group, having a club meeting, or have a predetermined pilot list for a special event.

• Spectator Sessions - We have a predetermined pilot roster for an FPV race but the public and potential members can attend to see firsthand how are races are organized and held.

• Open Sessions - Anyone can fly with us or attend. Simply register for the event. First timers will be given special instructions on how to prepare and what to expect for the first time with us. Please visit here for more information and our social media outlets, resources and of course, swag:

Visit our website: http://SafetyThirdRacing.com/
Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/safetythirdracing/
Race with us: http://www.multigp.com/chapters/view/ ...

Past events (30)

MakerX The Columbus Maker Expo

Needs a location

Drones 201: Build Your Own S3 Nano FPV Drone

Columbus Idea Foundry

Drones 101: S3 Nano Flying Experience

Columbus Idea Foundry

Drones 201: Build Your Own S3 Nano FPV Drone

Columbus Idea Foundry

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