What we're about

The only AMA Charted club in NJ focused 100% on Drone Racing!  Calling all serious and dedicated FPV drone racers. Looking to fly courses, hold races, exchange build information, practice together and push limits.  Every meetup will involve a race course with frequency management.   
Some locations will require AMA membership.  All Team S3 official pilots have AMA and we strongly recommend you join http://www.modelaircraft.org/

This is an FPV proximity / race course piloting community only.  Emphasis on speed, clean builds, education and 3D parts design.   Primary formats are 5-inch and tiny whoop.  Beginners are welcome. Let us help you develop good flying etiquette and good habits.  We strive to be great examples of how to be responsible pilots.

Our very active day to day conversations are in a discord channel, link below.  
We the largest and most active FPV Racing team in the Tri State Area - We fly all over North New Jersey, Central New Jersey, South NJ/Philly and Bethlehem PA.

We typically host 2 kinds of events

• Open Fun Fly - Anyone can fly with us or attend.  Simply register for the event.  First timers will be given special instructions on how to prepare and what to expect for the first time with us.

• Open Race - Just like a Fun Fly, but a little more structured.  Simply register for the event and make sure to join the MultiGP race. Pilots will be assigned a race heat for qualifying, and then later on we run double elimination brackets.

Please visit here for more information  and our social media outlets, resources and of course, swag:
Visit our website: http://s3fpv.com/
Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/A74cUXJqvN
Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/safetythirdracing/
Race with us: http://www.multigp.com/chapters/view/...

Upcoming events (1)

S3 Tiny Whoop Race @ Root Down Brewing!

Root Down Brewing Company


TINY WHOOP RACE @ Root Down Brewing, Phoenixville PA

$20 entry fee, payable in cash at the door or via PayPal

Hungry? Thirsty? Come a little early & order some brews at your cost from the brewery, who is providing an awesome venue for this event!
We can always use some help with setting up the track too!

Course walk @ 7PM, racing to start soon after.

Beginners and spectators welcome - Safety Third is a relaxed and helpful drone racing club perfect for new racers! To race, you should be able to safely fly your whoop - if you're not there yet, come out to meet the gang and watch the video FPV feed of our pilots.


  • Tiny Whoop or similar small drones
  • Brushed or brushless, turtle mode optional.
  • 2S and 75mm maximum

Event stats will be livestreamed to safetythirdracing.livefpv.com

Please join our MGP Chapter:

Also join the NEW S3 Discord! :

VTX Power: 25mW
Frequency Assignments on MultiGP event page:


Suggested equipment to bring: Extension cords/splitters

Tiny Whoops (75mm 2s max) / props and batteries / goggles & transmitter

Check-in: When you arrive, please check in with the Event Organizer.

First Timers: If this is your first time joining us, welcome! Please take a few moments and read the notes below on our best practices for piloting, frequency and safety management. PLEASE CHECK IN WITH THE EVENT ORGANIZER before you fly or power up anything. First timers will be paired with an established S3 Team Pilot as your “Event Buddy.” You can observe firsthand S3 team pilots doing flight preparation, pit adjustments, frequency compliance, field behavior and/or group signaling/announcing.

Not flying? There's lot's of technical expertise, lurkers, newbies, and interested friends just hanging out, so even if you don't fly, you can still hang out, have some good food and drink, take videos, or just watch and learn.


CRASH & TRASH: Take out what you brought in, including a little extra while you're at it. That way we're always spotless and keep venue owner happy to let us return!

We will be on channels R1 R3 R6 R8 ONLY
(Set your frequencies the night before, if provided in advance): We do not allow any power above 25mW. If you are unclear on any frequency issues, please consult one of the S3 team pilots, Google, or join or Discord!


  1. Power up your video RECEIVER and goggles/display first BEFORE you power up your aircraft and video transmitter. If you see someone else's signal, DO NOT POWER UP.
  2. During races, only those in the race should be transmitting video.
  3. For racing, the racing coordinator(s) will make frequency assignments and assign spotters.
  4. Please know how to change your video channel, and arrange the video transmitter on your aircraft so that the dip switches/button to change your channels are easily accessible. You may need to change channels quickly just before your scheduled heat.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Past events (265)

S3 Tiny Whoop Race @ Cradle of Aviation - Garden City, NY

Cradle of Aviation Museum