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The only AMA Charted club in NJ focused 100% on Drone Racing! Calling all serious and dedicated FPV drone racers. Looking to fly courses, hold races, exchange build information, practice together and push limits. Every meetup will involve a race course with frequency management.

Some locations will require AMA membership. All Team S3 official pilots have AMA and we strongly recommend you join http://www.modelaircraft.org/]

This is an FPV proximity / race course piloting community only. Emphasis on speed, clean builds, education and 3D parts design. Primary formats are 250/180. Beginners are welcome. Let us help you develop good flying etiquette and good habits. We strive to be great examples of how to be responsible pilots.

Our very active day to day conversations are in a slack channel. Join this meetup, fly with us at least once and you will get an invitation.

We the largest and most active FPV Racing team in the Tri State Area - We fly all over North New Jersey, Central New Jersey, South NJ/Philly and Bethlehem PA.

We host 3 kinds of events

• Closed Sessions - This is an internally coordinated event for existing pilots only. We might be putting on an FPV race demo for a private group, having a club meeting, or have a predetermined pilot list for a special event.

• Spectator Sessions - We have a predetermined pilot roster for an FPV race but the public and potential members can attend to see firsthand how are races are organized and held.

• Open Sessions - Anyone can fly with us or attend. Simply register for the event. First timers will be given special instructions on how to prepare and what to expect for the first time with us.

Please visit here for more information and our social media outlets, resources and of course, swag:

Visit our website: http://s3fpv.com/
Like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/safetythirdracing/
Race with us: http://www.multigp.com/chapters/view/... (http://www.multigp.com/chapters/view/Safety-Third-Racing-Team)

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S3 Global Qualifier @ AREA 52 Airport [Lehigh Valley]

Needs a location

DO NOT RSVP HERE This is just a pointer to the other meetup group. RSVP HERE: https://www.meetup.com/Safety-Third-Racing-Team-Lehigh-Valley-PA/events/272182460/

S3 FUN FLY at WinterRangers

19 Summit Rd

SafetyThird FPV Fun Fly, at WinterRanger's new backyard track Please follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible at event! You must join MultiGP race for channel assignment: https://www.multigp.com/races/view/?race=20841/S3-Fun-Fly--WinterRangers Location: WinterRanger's new field 19 Summit Rd Green Twp NJ 07821 Bring $5 for pizza! Format: Fun Fly & Practice Audience: First Timers, Veterans Craft Type: 4-6” propeller FPV racing multicopter VTX Power: 25mW strongly preferred IMD6C frequencies ONLY will be used: R1 R2 F2 F4 R7 R8 This is a private course. Respect the owner’s rules, please stay within property boundaries. You can drive down the right-of-way to drop equipment off then park in street. Agenda: • Check-in, Greetings, and pit area setup • Course Setup • Free Fly Pilot Briefing/Frequency assignment/Walk the course • Structured Free Fly (Wait to power up/ take off together) • Possibly some Racing! • Freestyle • Course breakdown, trash cleanup Suggested equipment to bring: • Your drone(s), props and batteries, repair parts and equipment • Folding Chair, Folding Table • Extension cord, power strip, charger, generator CHECK IN: • When you arrive, before you fly or power up anything, please check in with the Event Captain • You will be assigned a video frequency for the day. Do not change to another without permission from the Event Captain. If you are limited to a particular band, or aren’t sure, let them know. GENERAL GUIDELINES BOILERPLATE SAFETY THIRD: • Safety First. • Also, Safety Second. NO FLY ZONE: • The no fly zone is "IN, ABOVE AND BEHIND" the line formed by the pilot pit area. • Do not power up in the pits, unless during designated Frequency Setup Times • When coming in for a landing, please approach slowly and don't buzz everyone, there are lots of pilots "blind" with FPV goggles that can't tell if you are out of control or not. FLY ZONE: • All pilots and spectators should stay out of the fly zone. • Power up at the starting line, not in the pits. • Land only in the designated area RESPONSIBLE FLYING: • Know your skill limits and pilot your quad accordingly • DISARM IMMEDIATELY if you strike a gate, another drone, or lose video/control for any reason • Be mindful, safety conscious oriented and considerate of other pilots, bystanders, pets, wildlife and the environment COMMUNICATION: IF YOU CRASH or need to enter the field: • Racing: please wait until races are over • Free flight/ practice: you may enter the field by announcing “ON THE FIELD” loudly to entire pit area BEFORE YOU RUN OUT. WHEN YOU POWER UP your drone: • Plugging in may cause an initial “blast” on all channels, interrupting those flying • Power on goggles first, and look if there is already a signal. DO NOT power up if you can see another’s video. • Before plugging in, call out your frequency (“PLUGGING IN F2”) • If pilots are flying, be aware of them calling back “UNPLUG!!!!” and unplug your battery immediately HAVE FUN! • We're all here to help learn and have a really great time together.

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S3 FUN FLY at WinterRangers

19 Summit Rd

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