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What we’re about

If you are a mental health practitioner or in another healing or spiritual profession and you practice mindfulness, you might benefit from joining our group! This group is intended to provide a supportive and healing community for those in the healing professions. We will enjoy mindfulness sitting meditation practices and mindful movement practices, including Qigong. Members may choose to share the responsibility of leading guided meditations. A warm and accepting environment will be cultivated. Benefits include deepening and support of practice and community building.

Welcome to:


    Social Workers

    Licensed Counselors

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists


    Physical and Occupational Therapists

    Graduate Students in Mental Health ,Spiritual, or Medical Disciplines



Mind Body Intelligence tm is a trademark of Ellen M. Adelman PhD and refers to a particular integration of Buddhist Psychology and Western Psychology. Mind Body Intelligence is practiced at Sage Healers' Sangha meetings.

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