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What we're about

Sages is a semi-monthly get together where awesome people drop knowledge about the books they're reading and how they are applying them in their lives...And you're invited.​

What is Sages?

It's a cross between Toastmasters, CrossFit, and a good old fashioned book club.

Awesome people (like you) get together and give short talks about the books they're reading. Then, all of us work together to figure out how we can take the knowledge from these books and apply it to our own lives - transforming knowledge to wisdom.

After all, wisdom is knowledge, rightly applied.

Why is Sages a thing?

Sages came to be because cousins Jon ( and Kevin ( realized that they went through books like crazy, but the knowledge was either going unapplied, or just wasn't shared with enough people.

They'd experimented with reading parties, Toastmasters, and a few other approaches, but nothing was really clicking. So they decided to take a little bit from each of these experiments and voila - Sages was born.

Who can come to a meetup?​

Well...anyone, really. But it'd be awesome if you're the type of person who:

• Strives to go to bed smarter than when you woke up

• Doesn't want to be boxed in - eagerly wants to learn about different fields, ideas, and approaches

• Has no problem hopping up in front of people to speak about the book you're reading (or at least are willing to give it a fair shot)

We created Sages to get to know people from all over the spectrum - entrepreneurs, musicians, craftsmen, scientists - you name it. The more diverse the group, the better (so long as you're down with the three points above).

When is the next one?

Right now you can find a Sages meetup in San Diego ( and San Francisco (​ Check the Meetup groups for the next meeting.

Can I start a Sages group?

Yup, you sure can. Hit @kevinespiritu ( or @JonStenstrom ( up on Twitter.

Who's behind this Sages thing?​

Curious exactly who the supremely wise men are behind Sages? Check out our stories here (

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