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Roundtable Discussion and Social Event
Please join us for some great food, drinks and valuable discussion to help you get ready to set sail. This roundtable forum will be a learning and sharing opportunity where you will be able to learn from others while also sharing your own experiences and knowledge. Each topic will be presented and given about 15 minute for open discussion and conclusions before moving onto the next topic. The theme for this event will be about getting ready to set sail. So the discussion topics may include things such as “What to consider when buying a sailboat”, “What do you need to be legal”, “Trailering”, “where to anchor at Lake Pleasant”. These are just a few of the many potential topics being considered. The actual topics to be discussed will be voted on by the participants upon arrival. If you have an idea for a topic please post it as a message so we can include it in the list to be voted upon. SOME NOTES and DISCLAIMERS * This is a non-hosted event. Everyone will be responsible for paying for their own food and drinks. Please drink responsibly. * Ordering food and drinks is optional but appreciated since we are not being charged for the use of the facility. * This event will be facilitated by volunteer members of LPSC (Lake Pleasant Sailing Club). A short 5 minute intro about LPSC will be provided as part of the intros. * No-one attending this event including LPSC members should be considered an authority on the subjects discussed. Any information obtained at this event should not be considered of fact. Instead consider them as points of view which should be researched further. Agenda: 6:00 Meet and greet and vote for your favorite topics. 6:30 Start ordering our food. ** Everyone will be responsible for paying for their own food and drinks. 6:45 Introductions and door prizes for those who voted on the topics. 7:00 Start the round table discussions. The structured roundtable discussion will take place while we are enjoying our food and drinks.


9301 E. shea blvd · scottsdale, AZ

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Welcome to the Public Meetup page of the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club(LPSC). The Club has been sailing at Lake Pleasant for over 40 years. LPSC offers many benefits to members and this page is a great way to introduce nonmembers to sailing in the desert and getting to know our Club Members in a casual sailing atmosphere.

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