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Sailors NYC is the place for the NYC metro area sailors – adventurous, passionate avid individuals who are looking to excel and hone their sailing skills. Our main goal is to bring sailors together and cultivate our growing sailors community - that started in 2012.

Whether you are already a sailor or new to sailing - this is the place for you! Our members comprise of experienced sailors - skippers and crew, boat owners, delivery captains, instructors and people who are looking to learn how to sail. We offer sailors a venue to meet other like minded people and learn about sailing opportunities in the NY Metro area and beyond.

In the summer of 2013 the founder of the Sailors NYC Meetup Group - Capt. Nitzan Levy - opened a sailors club and school by the name: Sailors NYC. The club is operating out of Jersey City, owns two boats that are docked at Liberty Harbor Marina and a land facility at ANDCO - shared office space in Jersey City. Sailors NYC is a sponsor of the Meetup group however the activities that are offered to the members are open to the public and are either free or at a small cover charge. We look forward to see you at sea!

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Sardinia Sailing Vacation


Sardinia is an island located off of Italy. It is known for its white sandy beaches and miles of coastline. Although flat and sandy on the coast, Sardinia features many mountainous and hill regions more inland. The cuisine in Sardinia is also much different on the coast than inland. The costal cuisine is very much seafood based including the additions of lobster, mussels, and other sea dwellers to pasta dishes while inlands pasta dishes served with very rich sauces and cheeses. Last spots available for $2,323/person. Check our website for more information: https://www.sawvacations.com/events/sardinia

Saronic Gulf - Greece - Sailing Vacation

Sailors NYC is excited to go back to Greece! Greece, the land of sumptuous olive groves, ancient civilizations and relaxed beach life, is made up of thousands of islands grouped into families with their individual traditions, culture, and landscape. Greece’s Saronic Islands are located off the mainland and Peloponnese peninsula in the Aegean's Saronic Gulf. Known for their beaches and ancient ruins, picturesque villages and fine Mediterranean cuisine. Bunks on skippered boat are starting at $2,011/person. Check our website for more information: https://www.sawvacations.com/events/greece-saronic-islands

Croatia Sailing Vacation


Croatia - Full of life! Croatia is one of Europe’s most stunning sailing grounds with more than 1,200 islands off this part of the Adriatic coast. Impressive waterfalls, westerly Mistral winds, hospitable towns, clean ports and lively fishing communities in this multicultural region. Bask in a warm, Mediterranean climate and explore the Adriatic’s blue-green seas and rocky coastline with secluded coves. It’s considered a “nautical paradise” with many reefs and inlets to explore amid calm waters. Bunks on skippered boat are starting at $2,036/person. Check our website for more information: https://www.sawvacations.com/events/croatia

Seychelles - Sailing Vacation


The Seychelles are an impressive destination for a yacht charter, with gorgeous tropical islands, sandy beaches and imposing granite rocks polished by the relentless waves of the Indian Ocean. They are known for giant palm trees and the famous coco de mer coconuts and turquoise inlets fringed with lush green takamakas shading fine, white sand beaches. These islands deserve the label, “paradise”. Bunks on skippered boat are starting at $2,091/person. Check our website for more information: https://www.sawvacations.com/events/seychelles

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