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Hi there I'm Melanie. I am a Pranic healer who moved here to St. Augustine from Southern California 4 years ago and I'd like to bring Pranic Healing to this community as I saw there was no such group for this modality of healing. For those not familiar, pranic healing is a no-touch form of energy healing started by a man named Choa Kok Sui. Sui was a man of science with a background in chemical engineering who applied the rigors of the scientific method in order to create an effective and practical system of healing. Pranic Healing is a compendium of different energy healing practices from around the world. The word pranic is a variant of the word prana which in Sanskrit means life force. Prana is all around us and can be found in the air, ground and the sun and is the basis for the healing I do. Pranic Healing is not limited to healing the body, it can be applied to improve mental health issues as well. Different colored pranas are employed to cleanse and energize chakras (energy centers of the body) that may be blocked which can be the cause of minor to severe conditions. Many of you who have an interest in energy healing are most likely acquainted with Reiki. Pranic Healing has a lot of in common with Reiki but does have some key differences which I will explain. We will begin each meeting with a brief introduction, followed by a meditation practiced by all Pranic healers called, "Meditation on Twin Hearts". After the meditation, I will be giving each of you a healing if you wish to get one. Donations are gladly accepted as a fair exchange for healing work. Let me know what you'd like me to work on. I look forward to seeing you all. Namaste!

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1st Pranic Healing Meetup!

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