What we're about

Rebel Riders of St Charles County is a safe riding group whose objective is to explore new places and enjoy food, fun and friendship.

We welcome a diverse group of riders. All types of motorcycles are welcome.

Please have your settings on Meetup set so that you can receive emails and notifications from Rebel Riders of St Charles County.

Member Regulations:

1.Organizer must have your contact phone number.

2. Have a valid motorcycle license

3. An experienced rider with a riding group

4. Agree that Rebel Riders of St Charles County is not held liable if you sustain an injury while riding with the group

5. A member inactive within a year of the date of joining Rebel Riders, will be removed from the

member list.

It is imperative that you keep yourself safe as well as not put other riders in danger.

If a rider has an emergency, such as bike stalling or a situation where they have to stop (which could possibly be in the middle of a road), The other riders SHOULD NOT pull up along side of the stopped bike. Pull behind or ahead and park at the side of the road and then go back to check on the stopped bike if necessary. DO NOT stop in the middle of the road to try and help.

Always give yourself enough space so if the bike in front of you has to brake unexpectedly, you do not run into the bike ahead of you and you have to ditch your bike to avoid a collision.

We abide by the speed limit or a few miles over, we do not take curves above the recommended speed so as to keep everyone safe.

The organizers of Rebel Riders of St. Charles County reserve the right to remove any member that that we feel is not a good fit for our riding group; or that we feel is a danger to themselves or the other members of the group.

For complete group riding rules, use the link below

http://www.msf-usa.or... (https://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=XTL-2BADyqX-2FD82kkVyMmL1ezbFKiuKgpf1-2FS2NM9oE3F6YjHOmDTLeXNxy8-2BW9ZhwaiSYXBLfzq-2FGtm1MiPr-2FHg-3D-3D_QBHd2bl1tj3pXt8MQgxnJhO3EPrulylvJOWOHyYCykiJJJhNY0s3XoO98UlSIglQZt6kNoOCbPnJ6PKnjAHfLUpcToB97SqZUhjcinPpSo2sdv3yWCTANb3XaXVdWJrdk6Zjc-2FdB7xfKiKQKjHf9XWrlBBOTCULH-2B-2FIWMS61N3zRxgcg8OQiiUvyLCFrGJO8bJu3cwljREGoBQnZgkvlcg-3D-3D)

Your Organizers,

Barbara, Arlene and John

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