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Welcome to the Clearwater Poker League! We come from St. Cloud, Annandale, South and Fair Haven, Kimball, Clearwater Lake area, and some intrepid travelers from such far off reaches like Hutchinson and the western Suburbs and even the Land of Oz itself: the Twin Cities... but we also are sponsored by Minneapolis Rounders and are even affiliated with 514 Poker League in Pasadena, California! Consider it the Clearwater Alliance, the MSPCP Alliance and the MNCA Alliance, if you will.

One of our mottos here will be: low stakes, high standards.

We play low stakes tournaments and cash games with buy-ins typically $10 - 25 or so, maybe some $25-40 tourneys, some cash games $40+. We play not just Hold'em... mixed variety games like Hi-Lo Omaha, 7 Stud, etc. are also on the menu! Most of us have been playing for several years and our skill level ranges from intermediate beginner to advanced, but beginners are welcome if they are interested in learning the games. We follow the TDA (Tournament Directors’ Association) rules, and Robert’s Rules of Poker.

We'll never have any "rake" games, this is a not-for-profit social organization, though hosts will be expected to charge a nominal contribution of $3 or $4 or $5 to keep supplies and meetup fees up and running. (Other voluntary contributions to group and hosts are welcome of course but not demanded.)

This is the Ground Floor right now -- we are just starting to organize.

The Clearwater Poker group is just starting to form ... we shouldn't have to drive to some casino just to have some fun social poker games. I have good equipment and I'm an very experienced host here in Cali, where I live part of the year, and I'll be happy to host when I'm in town (near both St. Cloud and Annandale/Clearwater area, and an hour or so from the Twin Cities), and we'll work on developing other hosts too.

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Texas Holdem Cash Game

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