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What we’re about

Welcome to our Group!!!

This group is for foreign-born women who have moved to the St. Louis area with a spouse or partner and for international professional women.

We come from various backgrounds and speak various languages. We are interested in getting to know people from different cultures and we like to help newcomers settle in and break down the cultural barriers.

This group is sponsored by St. Louis Mosaic Project, a regional initiative within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center St. Louis. Any international ethnicity is welcome to join us. We started this group because we are foreign, expat spouses, who have been through the acculturation process in the USA and other countries.

We are experienced and culture-sensitive and would love to ease your acculturation process. Whether you are here for a short stay or have already been here for a long time, we look forward to meeting you. We offer fun social interactions between friends and at small gatherings to exchange our experiences and help you live better in the St. Louis area.

We are a sponsored, and a private group whose goal is to provide a social network to foreign-born women. As such we must restrict our membership. We are so very grateful for the interest of local nationals who wish to connect with us, and we encourage you, instead, to join other international culture, language, and conversation groups where we are members.

Also, we truly appreciate it if you fill out this 2-minutes survey to help us learn a little bit more about you, so we can plan our future events and activities better! Thank you!
IS/EWG Form: 
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to meeting you there.
Please follow us at :
• Facebook Page - St. Louis International Women Spouses
We also have a private group on Facebook where you can join to communicate better with our members - Saint Louis International Spouses (Women) Meetup. Please, join us there! Anyone from this group is welcome to post in there and share new ideas, and suggestions for us to meet.
Instagram - stlitspouses
• Twitter - @STLInternationalSpouses
LinkedIn (Group) -  St. Louis International Spouses /Expat Women (Group)
• LinkedIn (Company) - St. Louis International Spouses /Expat Women Group
• Website: We have also a Website Page called STL International Spouses / Expat Women Group where you can find more information that can help you navigate in the city. Adaptation Process, Activities and Events, After-Care Ecosystem, Stories & Experiences, Professional Shadowing Program, and Resources for STL Newcomers.

This group is NOT for Business networking / Multi-level marketing or products / New customer acquisition.

Those interested in raising matters of business, product, or service opportunities are asked to do so apart from this group. Those interested in business and professional networking, please see recommended community resources: Immigrant Professional Women Network in STL, and Venture Cafe.
PLEASE READ OUR GROUP 7 RULES BELOW (since July 9th, 2020):
This group brings us from all over the world to St. Louis and stays closer together. Let’s use this as a means of building relationships and a stronger sense of community. Please read the rules below before posting anything.

1- No Political, Highly Controversial, Hate Speech, Discrimination or Bullying
Please leave politics out of this group as it may defeat the entire purpose of the group. We want to make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind, degrading posts and comments of any sort (especially racism of any kind and -phobias) and any discrimination will NOT be tolerated. It is up to the admin to decide if a post is or is not either appropriate/acceptable. Also, this page will not allow any false postings, abusive behavior, or name-calling to any of its members, or violation of posting rules or you will be removed immediately without warning.
2- Be Civil, Kind, and Courteous
Treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural and encouraged, but kindness is required to keep our group enjoyable for everyone. Hateful edited posts/comments will be deleted and punished.
3- No Promotions or Spam
Promotion, spam, marketing/advertising and other irrelevant links aren't allowed. Please do not advertise your business/product or sales in this group.
4- Credit non-original content
If you are sharing a video or a photo that is not yours, either use the 'share' button or credit the original creator in the caption. Post may be deleted otherwise. Contact a mod if there are problems.
5- Irrelevant, Negative, or Low-Quality Content.
Keep posts SPECIFICALLY relevant to our group! We reject posts that break our rules: I.E offensive, low quality, or provoke unnecessary negativity.
6- No crowdfunding, Petitions/Surveys, etc
Including GoFundMes, or petition-type posts. These can be hard to verify (minor exceptions for well-known aid organizations or if verified by news sites).
7- Reposted/Unoriginal Content
Content that has been previously and/or recently submitted to the group, in a format that is identical or overly similar. “Submitted” does not mean approved, it means they sent it in earlier.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Susan Gobbo (Co-Founder) and Ines Kim (Co-Coordinator)