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CANSLIM on Steroids.

We are full-time investors with experience dating back to 1986. Patrick Walker began his investment career as a broker and has been a private trader/investor since 1992. He has supported a family of six, here in the St. Louis area, with investment profits from trading his own accounts.

Pat has attended IBD Level 3 classes twice and met with Bill O’Neil, personally, multiple times. Pat has taught on the university level and today commits his time to trading and investing his own accounts while teaching solid investment strategies and trading tactics both at home and around the world.

We take CANSLIM to the next level. We are trend traders, momentum traders and breakout traders. We incorporate CANSLIM tactics and rules, then add over 30 years real world experience.

Whether you are a master trader who fully supports a lifestyle with the market or you're a beginner looking for a proven system, a clean path and a mentor guide, you are welcome to join. We'd love to meet you and be, for you, the person we needed when we began trading over three decades ago.


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Best Western Plus - The Charles Hotel

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