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Shout it out or shush it up, let's just say some of us have higher highs and lower lows than those around us with "standard mental wiring". No need to share a diagnosis for either yourself or the people who are special to you. If you're coming to this group the phrase, "Probably Polar" applies to you or someone important to you.
Life is more than therapy (BTW-therapy is not required to spend time with possibly similar folks). Sometimes it can be karaoke, dancing or seeing an improv comedy show (maybe stand-up for open mic night?).
Seriously, it is a relief hanging with others who "get it", even if you're talking about the latest Jim Butcher novel or what's going on in town.
If you want to come out and aren't sure about publicizing association with Bi-Polar Disorder on ANY social media site, I get it. Right there with ya. You can email at probablypolar@gmail.com if you prefer that level of anonymity.

In case I was too subtle, I might be talking to you: If you have a Bi-Polar diagnosis, if you haven't been diagnosed, but have been asked for years, "Dude, are you Bi-Polar or something?", if people regularly ask where they can get the drugs you are on when you're not on anything, if most people can't keep up with the speed of your conversation, if you're running on 2 or more mental tracks most of the time, if you're tired of painfully boring conversations...you might be one of the 26,000 people in St. Louis with bipolar. (Seriously, that's 2.6% of a population of one million.)

Lots of us are artists, writers, musicians, comics, business leaders or just freakishly interesting. How about enjoying the positive along with managing the downsides?

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