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Saint Louis Real Estate Note Investors Meetup
Lets get together for individual investors looking to build passive income, a legacy for their families, or simply "get rich". What's a good return on investment? 8%? 10%? 25%? How much risk do you want? I like the "SWAN" (Sleep Well at Night) investment idea. But I always like the action of the big win. We will explore purchasing discounted mortgage notes and real estate assets. Discover self directed IRAs, Roths, HSA's as tools and generate passive income for life. What's your magic number? We all have one. Let's find it together. Every meeting will cover a different investment idea and there will be lots of time for exchanging ideas. Come join the team!

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Saint Louis Note Investors Meetup is a social networking group intended for those like minded individuals who are interested in learning about both performing real estate notes to generate passive income and non-performing real estate notes. Note investing is a great way to help borrowers stay in their homes and profit from real estate -- all without toilets, tenants and & termites! Note investing is a great way to acquire distressed properties before they go to foreclosure at a steep discount.

We discuss the how-to’s of investing in the distressed debt business, including the risks and benefits of note investing, how to valuate a note, where to find discounted notes, due diligence, note servicing, various exit strategies and general market conditions. Our meetings will include presentations, networking, question and answer sessions, and much more. Our goal is to provide a networking venue for note buyers and sellers, and offer knowledge about how to profit from distressed debt while helping homeowners stay in their homes. Saint Louis Note Investors group is actively looking for like minded investors, buyers, and sellers of notes and cash flows. Please join us!

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