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Saint Louis React Meetup
Saint Louis React Meetup
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Kevin Bridges is a Software Developer at Applied Software Technologies and will be presenting on how feature-u can help organize your React projects.

Is your React project organized by features? You know, features are where your resources are organized by what they accomplish in your app, rather than lumping all files of like types into one massive blob.

If you are using features, then consider this ...

- are your features encapsulated and isolated?
- do your features collaborate in an extendable way?
- are your components using cross-feature composition?
- do your features initialize themselves?
- can you disable features at run-time?
- do your frameworks auto-configure with only active features?
In short, do your features plug-and-play?

Most developers would agree that organizing your project by feature is much preferred over type-based patterns. Because application domains grow in the real world, project organization by type simply doesn't scale, it just becomes unmanageable!

There are many good articles on this topic with insights on feature-based design and structure. However, when it comes to the implementation, you are pretty much left to fend for yourself.

This session will introduce you to a new utility called feature-u that facilitates feature-based project organization in your React project. It provides tangible assistance in promoting individual plug-and-play features.

Find more infromation at:
- teaser: http://bit.ly/feature-u-teaser
- article: http://bit.ly/feature-u-V1
- docs: https://feature-u.js.org/
- repo: https://github.com/KevinAst/feature-u