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This group is for all who want to learn about the reasons we are here and how we can improve our lives throgh meditation and the study of mystical principles.

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The Microcosms - Department of Instruction Zoom

Online event

From the Holy Temple of the body, the cosmic diagrams of Dr. Robert Fludd, the hologram, the statistical survey, the Botanical Garden, the temple, the museum, the Persian rug, the sacred city plan, to the Rivers cosmogram in Harlem, we will examine the microcosms. The many expressions of the law of correspondence of the microcosm and macrocosm help us in attaining Self-Mastery and harmonious living. Join Hugh McCague as we apply Rosicrucian laws and principles to understand ourselves as mirrored in the world.

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year": Finding the Boundless Light Within

Public Rosicrucian Winter Symposium with Ingrid Young

At this "most wonderful time of year," the outer self struggles with many stressors including finances, isolation, and self-reproach. In this workshop, we will explore how the Inner Self is our Boundless Resource of Light and Love. Learn how to tap into this Knowledge often represented to us in symbols and transmute fear, anger, and anxiety into inspiration and hope. Join with us on this special night as we experience our own personal connection with Divine Intelligence also known to Rosicrucians as the God of our Hearts.

Winter Solstice Meditation

Online event

Public Rosicrucian Winter Symposium with Grand Master Julie Scott

Join Grand Master Julie Scott and other Rosicrucians in attuning with the powerful energy that occurs on this exceptional day - the day of the Winter Solstice. We will attune together during this propitious period for allowing Light and Love to radiate from our hearts and for harmonizing ourselves with Cosmic Consciousness. Please bring a candle and a way to light and extinguish it.

Light in the Darkness

Online event

Public Rosicrucian Winter Symposium with Michael Shaluly

When dusk sets upon our world, we feel that tug of desire to understand God and nature. Watching as our brilliant Sun sets in the west, we are treated to the varied colors of creation, giving us pause to contemplate our Creator. As the greater light descends further, heavenly lights begin to dot the sky, now throned as the brightest in the darkness of night. Might this be a form of our higher perception of the language of God and nature?

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