What we're about

This is a group for singles interested in hiking, kayaking, biking, nature photography, outdoor activities, outdoor concerts, festivals,dining out, movies. I started this group to meet other outdoor enthusiasts. Looking forward to exploring the outdoors with other singles.

Requirements to join.

1. You must be single. If you are getting a divorce and your divorce isn't final then you are still married.

2. You must post an identifiable picture of yourself. If you post a picture of multiple people in the same picture I have no way of determining which one is you. If you post a picture of multiple people you won't be able to join the group until you do post one of just yourself.

3. You must use at least your first name- no alias or obviously fake names.

All of the hikes our group will have is for hikers only.... no pets. I have many reasons for this rule.

Upcoming events (5)

Fun Night Hike on Clark Trail, 5.3 Miles.

Lewis and Clark Trail

Night hike the Clark trail. Meet at 6:20. Hike starts at 6:30. Don't forget to bring a good light, hiking shoes, hiking poles and plenty of water. Not recommended for beginners since this is a difficult hike and a night hike. We will hike at a good pace and most likely only stop a couple times for a brief period. Use Google maps with address should above, or follow written directions as follows. 2.5 miles south of highway 40 on highway 94. It is about a 30 second drive past Francis Howell high school. When the road bends, the parking lot trail head is on the left.

Pickleball Night at Webster

Webster Groves Community Center

A second night for pickleball has opened up! Sunday nights at Webster's Community Center is open to the public with 3 indoor pickleball courts available from 5-7pm.

Cost is $5 for non-residents of Webster, $3 for residents. You can pay at the front desk upon arrival.

What to bring:
- sneakers
- pickleball racket/balls
- towel
- bottled water
- $$ for fee Sidebar:

- Please don't bring any guest the day of the event who is not signed up or not your +1.

- Please do not sign up if you don't plan to play for the full 2hrs as that will mess up the teams.

Take short breaks and have fun!

Monday Night Pickleball!

Schroeder Park

Let's play outdoors at Schroeder Park again (Manchester/141) where they have 4 pickleball courts and lights.

I've set the time to play for 2 hours. If you cannot commit to playing for 2 hours, please don't sign up. Most people want to play for the whole two hours and if someone leaves, that messes up playtime for 3 others.

**We will rotate players in/out if there are others waiting to play and if you want to take a break. If you're sitting out a round and want to play next, stack your racket on the ground next to the bench between courts 1-2 and 3-4.

What to bring:
- Pickleball racket/balls
- Sneakers
- Dress for the outdoors
- Bottled water
- Sunglasses

Please arrive on time so we can start playing asap. Seeyou there!


Grants Trail I-44 North Trailhead


Please arrive in enough time. Wheels down at 6:00 SHARP! MASKS MAY REQUIRED SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED ALL RIDERS WITH THIS GROUP MUST ADHERE OR RIDES WILL BE CANCELLED All levels are welcome! - It is always nicer to ride with other like minded people. Let's get some exercise and have a Moderate paced ride 12-14 mph, due to being on mixed use trail. All levels, ages and bikes are welcome!. Ride should be about 1.5 hour depending on speed and rest stops. This is a paved trail, easy ride, NO HARD HILLS. 17 miles round trip out and back. All license laws to be obeyed // good trail etiquette a must // stop light crossings too. Faster riders feel free to cruise ahead. Post ride options CANCELLED FOR AWHILE COVID 19 HELMETS ARE REQUIRED FOR SAFETY! Should fit properly. Each Cyclist should bring CELL PHONE CHARGED Happy Attitude and big Smile!! HELMET Water bottle Appropriate clothing and cycling glasses if needed. Spare tubes, compressed air and tire change tools Hex tools for adjustments Bicycle that is in operational condition Insurance card and I.D. Lights as it gets darker earlier Trail head at Kirkwood Gazebo - Leffingwell Ave. at Holmes Ave. (Kirkwood) Grant's Trail | Missouri Trails | TrailLink Restrooms and water MIGHT BE CUT OFF COVID 19 at trail head at parking lot North end. 2 large parking areas. Ride can be cancelled if less than 3 riders , hotter than 95 degrees or inclement weather. It is understood that you are participating in the events of St Louis Singles Outdoor Adventure Group of your own free will, and do not hold the club or organizers responsible for any injuries sustained during an event.

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Monday Night Pickleball!

Schroeder Park

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