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The Saint Louis Space Frontier (http://stlouisspacefrontier.org/)is a chapter of the National Space Society (http://www.nss.org). The NSS Vision is: People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity. Our chapter meets monthly, participates in outreach events, has fun at social events, and hosts the Gateway to Space conference each fall. We were the local hosts for NSS's International Space Development Conference in May 2017. Please join us as we explore, and settle, the Universe! (Meetup Members: You can become full-fledged (uhm, paying) members of St. Louis Space Frontier by visiting our website and clicking on JOIN US! http://stlouisspacefrontier.org/ )

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Attend Monthly SLAS Meetings for Fabulous Presentations!

Washington University

Comets; Presented by Erika Gibb, PhD, University of Missouri St. Louis Many members of St Louis Space Frontier are also members of St. Louis Astronomical Society and attend the SLAS monthly meetings on the Third Friday of each month. The monthly meeting is held in McDonnell Hall Room 162 at 7:30pm and begins with a formal presentation by an "out-of-this-world" speaker. A business meeting is held after the presentation but you don't have to stay for the meeting. Presentations for 2019 Jan - Erika Gibb, PhD, Comets, UMSL Feb - K Michael Malolepszy, The Year in Planetary Exploration, SLAS March - Bruce Stinchcomb, PhD, Meteorites Flo-Valley April - Bob King “Astro Bob” (1) May - Craig O'Mara, Flying SOFIA, NASA June - Josiah Lewis, PhD, Presolar Grains: Solids from Other Stars, Wash U July - Ryan Clegg-Watkins, PhD, Exploring the Moon from Orbit, Wash U August - Angela Speck, PhD, 2019 Solar Eclipse Results, University of Missouri September - Don Hampton, PhD, Aurora Borealis & Steve (1), UAF October - Claire Chandler, PhD, Super-Earths and the Formation of the Solar System, NRAO December - Duncan Lorimer, PhD, Fast Radio Bursts: "Lorimer Bursts" (1) UWVA (UAF: University of Alaska: Fairbanks, UWVA: University of West Virginia) (1) Skype event

Trivia Night at The Space Museum

The Space Museum

Do you like trivia? Want to support The Space Museum? Let's put together a table or two! $10 per person and up to 10 people at a table.

Attend MO Aviation Historical Society 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Creve Coeur Airport

DUE TO PREDICTED STORM, THE MEETING HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO JANUARY 27 AT 2PM. An Update on the MO Aviation Historical Society from Dan O'Hara - The January Kick Off Meeting will be on January 27, 2019 at 2pm. I wanted everyone to be aware that we have changed our MEETING DATE & TIME. The new date will be the third Sunday every other month from 2 - 4 pm. So for our Kickoff Meeting, this will be Jan 20, 2019, 2 - 4 pm, same location at Creve Coeur airport. (POSTPONED UNTIL JAN 27.) One of the reasons for the switch will be that if you would like to have a nice lunch, you can come early, as the airport always has lunch from noon till about 2:30 pm. This is a good meal for about $7.00. Of course, we will have coffee and a dessert type item for our meetings. The other reason is that some folks are unable to drive at night, so we certainly wanted to accommodate their needs as well. We hope to see you there! NEXT MOAHS MEETING - SUNDAY JANUARY 27th 2 - 4 PM CREVE COEUR AIRPORT Judy will attend this meeting to tell everyone about St. Louis Space Frontier - the 2019 Kickoff Meeting will introduce several aviation-connected St. Louis organizations. Remember, arrive before 2pm for the famous airport lunch! http://www.crevecoeurairport.com/sundaylunch.html

First Friday at the St. Louis Science Center

Saint Louis Science Center

Geek out with us on the first Friday of every month at the Science Center! Learn the real science behind science fiction and mingle with others interested in the geekier side of life. Each month, First Friday features a different theme, hands-on activities, pub-style trivia, engaging presentations, photo opps for showing off your costume, and food and drink specials. The evening culminates with a free 10 PM screening of a classic science fiction movie in the OMNIMAX® Theater. First Friday favorites like public telescope viewings, a free 7 PM Planetarium star show, and special prices for our regular OMNIMAX films are a staple at every event. Parking at the Science Center is free during First Fridays. St. Louis Space Frontier's goal is to inspire attendees to think about the Space-y side of things! We do our best to connect Space Exploration with the monthly First Friday theme. There are many ways YOU can participate: 1. help plan and create our display 2. arrive around 5:30 to set up 3. help at the table for an hour, or the entire evening, 6:00-9:00pm 4. help clean up at 9:00pm Before each month, we will update you on the theme of the month and our activities. Generally, we have a hands-on activity, information to talk about, a computer running a connected website or video, and a handout to distribute. When you RSVP, please answer the question and let us know how you can help. Come and Geek Out at First Friday every month!!

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Network at Venture Café Night: 39°N

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

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