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ven-er-a-ble: worthy of respect and honor by virtue of wisdom and experience

Venerable Women are spiritually awake women who choose to manifest a kind and loving world, starting with themselves.

Founded by Master Life Coach Dawn Morningstar, we bring women together in many ways, to connect, share, and receive fresh inspiration.

Other events throughout the year range from local guest Wisdom Presenters to weekend seminars.

You can also sign up for inspirational newsletters and videos on our website: Venerable Women (http://www.venerablewomen.com).

Check in with your Higher Self right now and see if this is for you. If your answer is yes, we look forward to seeing you!Blessings, Dawn Morningstar

Past events (3)

Women's Wealth Summit

Women's Club of Minneapolis

Vennie Wednesday at the University Club of St. Paul

University Club of St. Paul

2nd Annual Gathering of Light

University Club of St. Paul

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