What we're about

Join us if you believe that it is possible to have a more abundant life and if you can accept that the keys to abundant life are knowable, do-able and that a better, more abundant life is within your reach now.

Join us if you can accept that earth is a spiritual schoolroom where we have two basic choices: the School of Hard Knocks, or the School of Conscious Growth and Self-Mastery.

Join us if you are willing to consider the teachings of Jesus and other spiritual teachers from a new perspective -- not as a hopeless sinner but as a unique child of God, made in the image and likeness of our Creator and thus created with unlimited potential for spiritual growth and abundance experienced and manifested as continuously increasing love, joy and peace in addition to all of the material abundance you need.

Join us if you believe Jesus was serious when he stated that, "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" but not only after the death of the physical body, but now in this life.

Member Requirements

The only requirement for participation and continuing membership is an open mind -- a willingness to consider something different from what you already think. The open expression of thought is beneficial and encouraged at all times, but disagreement to the point of disruption of the group's agenda and attention is not. While in many cases we will be studying the inner teachings of Jesus, inner teachings which he called the "knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven", we will be studying them from what for many will be a very different perspective: that of beloved child of God, made in the Creator's own image and likeness. So those who are rigidly attached to their current beliefs and believe everyone else should believe the same way probably should not consider this group.


Planning for weekly meetings. Once per month in person and three weeks per month via video conferencing.

I can only reserve a room once a month at one of the St. Charles Public libraries. And in addition, most people are very busy and have time constraints. So we will have one meeting per month in person at one of the libraries the first week of each month, and then do video conferences using ZOOM which offers professional quality and flexibility.

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