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The Saint Petersburg Consciousness group is for anyone interested in exploring the ideas of consciousness or understandings of reality. If you join you are more than likely aware to some degree that we enjoy a "matrix" like system of economic and environmental slavery. It seems like most people around us are sleeping. We want to help others wake up from the zombieland hamster wheel. We are looking to build a Mastermind group made of intelligent, innovative, explorers of science, mind, health and spirit. We will be exploring topics like brain power, meditation, psychedelics, accession, sacred geometry, energy, and the nature of reality.

My husband and I don't have many people in our circle to discuss a lot of these interests with. We know there are others in our community that feel the same as we do and are also looking for like minded people. As much as we might have a wonderful life in our small private world, it is sometimes difficult to go about our days pretending that the world is a perfect place. We want to find a way to contribute to the growth of our community and we like to see our neighbours thriving. We believe by exploring non-mainstream, science based, and spiritual knowledge with you in this group we will all elevate our awareness. How do we create our reality? I believe we all need to work together to find the role of higher consciousness in this mad system. We look to explore what is consciousness, how to live consciously and at the same time, have the life of your dreams and integrate with the world. Most importantly, we need to discuss how to increase conscious awareness of those around us. We are all in this together. We all can believe in any faith or vote for any party we like. We are all welcome. We are looking to have a interactive relationship with all the members. Meaning the topics are not only decided by me, but all are welcome to pick topics that they would like to have discussed with the group. We will be meeting in different places around St. Pete. We like the idea of being in different areas, so at some point we will be meeting near you. With the help of all of us together, we will organize weekly think tanks on the topics and techniques that are relevant to our participant's personal growth and interests, but we would like to leave some time for socializing and making friends. The meetings will last one hour and half with one hour of discussion and 30 minutes for socializing.

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