What we're about

Welcome to St Pete's #1 Hypnosis Club and Study Group!

This is a fun group where we do “deep dives” on hypnosis and related techniques and applications that are interesting and/or useful.

The attendees range from complete hypnosis "newbies" to advanced practitioners, doctors, and therapists. Regardless of experience, you'll have a good time and get some great takeaways.

The Meetups have always been free, and there are no sales pitches for any services from anyone. There are other Meetups in town if you would like to hear sales pitches, but this is not one of them.

In other words, we’re focused exclusively on learning, experiencing, and having fun together!

This group is all about learning and practicing any and all things related to hypnosis, NLP, and energy psychology.

We'll place a strong emphasis on practice and hands on skill building. Our Focus is on helping YOU develop real world skills that empower yourself at every level.

All levels of Hypnosis and/or NLP experience are welcome. It doesn't matter whether you’re 18 or 80, been a hypnotist for 20 years or 20 minutes. All we care about is you have a sincere desire to have fun, do the drills, and get the skills.

This is a no-holds barred hypnosis group!

That means any and all applications of hypnosis are discussed and practiced. We don't care what hypnosis organizations you belong to, or whether you have never belonged to any hypnosis organizations. Just bring a great attitude a sincere desire to have fun, and the rest will happen!


- Learn Instant Hypnosis Inductions That Really Work?

- Learn How To Hypnotize Someone Without Their Knowledge?

- Learn How to Program Your Own MIND For Unlimted Success, Health, Wealth and Happiness?

- Explore the Power of Covert Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, and NLP?

- Boost your private hypnosis practice and expand your range of techniques and applications?

- Meet and Network with other aspiring hypnotists in St Petersburg?

We'll go beyond what most schools will teach you, and give the you hands on practice you should have gotten in the first place.

Explore the Realms Of Recreational Hypnosis Like:

- Stage Hypnosis

- Sexual/Erotic Hypnosis

- Attraction and Persuasion

In order to get all this great training, practice, self confidence, and hypnotic power for yourself, you’ll need to:

- Sign up for the Group,

- RSVP to the meetings, and

- Show up and participate!

Fair enough?

We’ll have a great time at these meetings, and I’d love to hang out with all you hordes of hypnotic heros in the making.

Send me the topics you are most interested in studying first. I'll assemble them, and start putting the meetings together very soon.

BTW- If you’re an experienced practitioner and would like to present, that is awesome! I'm here to learn, too!

Out of the gate, here’s a list of things I’m guessing people will find interesting:

- Hypnotize People Without Fear of Failure

- Hypnotize Even The Most Resistant Clients Easier

- Hypnotize People With or Without Their Knowledge

- Quickly Hypnotize People Who Say and Believe They Can't Be Hypnotized

- Bypass or Remove Any and All Resistance To Your Influence FAST

- Make Sure Your Hypnosis Always Works

- Make People Want To Change and Follow Your Suggestions

- Hypnotize Anyone Completely Ethically and Honestly,

- Hypnotize People In Writing, Over The Phone, Even While Texting

- Use Hypnosis To Improve Your Relationships, Sex Life, Etc.

- Hypnotize Groups of People As Easily As One Person.

- Create Instant and Rapid Hypnotic Inductions On The Fly That Really Work.

- Have More Confidence In Your Ability To Hypnotize.

- Make More Money Using Your Hypnosis Skills.

- Get More Hypnosis Clients Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible.

- Become Known as The Leading Hypnosis Expert In Your Area.

- Build a Hypnosis Practice Into a Profitable Business

Using Hypnosis to Help and Serve:

- Handle Even The Toughest Hypnosis Cases With Absolute Confidence.

- Eliminate fears, phobias, public speaking, shyness, anxiety, etc.

- Control and remove pain.

- Change bad habits.

- Lose Weight, Quit Smoking,Nail Biting, etc.

- Destroy limiting beliefs.

- Remove inhibitions.

Increase Your Personal Power:

- Improve Your Relationships.

- Sell More Effectively In Person, Over The Phone, or In Writing.

- Enhance Performance for Sports, The Arts, or Even In The Bedroom?

Send me your most pressing questions about hypnosis, and I will be sure to work those into our upcoming meetings.

Talk to you all very soon,

Erick Känd

St Petersburg Hypnosis and NLP Club

My Website: https://HypGuru.com

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