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Tai Chi and Chi Gong for health and longevity! Private lessons are available on request. All experience levels welcome!

Contact Nick at info@getwellsupplements.com to schedule a private session or with any questions. Nick has over 18 years experience with Tai Chi, Hsing-i, and Chi Gong. Nick's teacher's (Kao San Lun) lineage is directly traceable to the Chen Village where Tai Chi was created. Graphic below of lineage for reference. Private lessons start at $50 for 2 hrs.

Practicing Tai Chi helps improve balance and stability , reduce back/neck pain, pain from knee osteoarthritis, and improve quality of life in people with heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. Tai Chi and Chi Gong can also ease fibromyalgia pain and promote general quality of life.


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