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We are, first of all, a group of bikers that just love to ride. We're interested in meeting more people like ourselves for some safe riding, friendship, and fun. Although we are a primarily a veterans club, we welcome anyone that wants to ride with us, from novice to well-experienced riders. You don't have to be an official club member to ride with us. We try to ride as a group several times a month, so if you're looking for folks to ride with check our calendar.

We are Saints & Soldiers Riding Club, a loose-knit group of brothers and sisters that believe in riding as much as possible and helping who we can when we can. We chose to be a Riding Club because of the less formal nature of that type of organization (fewer rules more socially orientated), but still organized enough to conduct business, have an overall mission and do some charity work in our community, but our primary mission is to give members a reason to ride their bikes and improve their skills.

The club was founded in Feb of 2010, in Hampton Roads, VA (named after a WWII movie released in 2003 cause we thought the name was cool! We are not a ministry club). We claim no territory but can be found in the Tidewater area. We are primarily a group of prior, retired or active duty military members. Our service careers start from the Vietnam era to the present. We help support each other in all fashions that a family should support one another. We try not only to be your friend but like the brother or sister you are.

We are proud of the patches we wear and respect all other clubs. While we follow a traditional club style we believe that the iron you choose to ride is your own and the bike does not make the person. Our members ride everything crotch rockets, cruisers, baggers Can-Ams and come from every walk of life. We do not discriminate against Race, Color, Creed, Sex, or bike manufacturer.

Although we participate in many charity events held by local MCs and respect their organizations and members, we are not a support group for anyone.

General Liability Disclaimer:

Saints & Soldiers Riding Club., herein after referred to as S&S, is a NON-PROFIT organization, operating with the sole purpose of promoting good, clean, and safe riding activities. Each member participates in activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of S&S as an organization for any and all liabilities resulting in participation in any club related event or activity. All activities and events must comply with any and all state or local laws and ordinances. Any personal injury or property damage resulting during a club activity or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall S&S or its Officers be held liable. Any individual involved in any illegal activities will be immediately scrutinized by S&S officers and subject to immediate removal from all club rosters and membership roles and forbidden to claim any and all association with S&S, to include, but not limited to:

Removal of club patch and insignias of any sort Prohibited to participate in any activity of S&S.

S&S reserves the right to accept or reject members and to periodically, and without notice, revise or amend rules and regulations where necessary.

Please do not post other organization's events to our site without introducing yourself first, and asking permission on our message board. If you ask politely and it's for a good cause we'll probably pick it up as an event and promote it on our site (as we do for many of the rides we participate in). If you post a message describing an event without introducing yourself first and asking permission, we'll delete it and may even block you. Sorry... we've had problems with too many intruders, not supporting a thing we do, but posting their events on our site. We don't post on other sites without asking permission first.

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