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Account Management Meetup

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Janne K. and 3 others
Account Management Meetup


What does it mean to move from new customer hunting to account management? What is the difference? What are the best practices for account management? What is technical account management, and the role of technical specialists in account management?

We're hosting a talk with topics that will help us answer some of these questions.


The event starts at 17:30, but feel free to come a bit earlier.
How to find us: Annankatu 34 B. There are several entrances, make sure to be at entrance B. After you press the doorbell, wait for a buzzing sound and before attempting to open the door please wait just one second (the door opens with some delay). We're on 8th floor. Call Lucia if anything occurs (+358 44 503 55 33).

There's going to be lots of food & beverages, so please come famished :)


Talks / Speakers:

First talk:
You, Team, Project, Client | Michael Samarin (Vice President, Head of Software Development at Futurice)

Continuous communication is the key to systematic success in projects and growing individual projects to large accounts. However, do we really understand each other roles when communicating? In this talk, we will discuss the importance of understanding individual roles and team dynamics, project or account transparency and setting up realistic expectations for product owners.


Second talk:
Persuasion Secrets for Enterprise Software | Oscar Santolalla (Sales Engineer at Ubisecure, Author of "Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo", Podcast Host)

Present better, inspire people and sell more enterprise software products. You will learn from success stories and the best practices from successful enterprise/B2B companies (Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc) and executives and entrepreneurs. Key persuasion secrets:

  1. Speak Simple, Concrete and with Power
  2. Persuade with Metaphors
  3. Become a Storyteller

All this piece of advice is based on concrete examples and quotes from enterprise/B2B and focused on this specific audience's needs.


Third talk:
How to sell Security as a business priority | Bruno Almeida (Principal Architect, Technology Advisor at Futurice)

Security is a crucial part of Engineering projects but is often disregarded as something to be added later. DevOps culture today is a reality for many engineering teams. With the evolution of DevOps tooling and practices, there has been a shift in this trend.

Teams are now looking into security as part of their day to day and effectively establishing a DevSecOps Culture.

However, one aspect remains the same throughout the years: Engineers struggle to explain and “sell” the importance and need for security practices and tooling to Management & Business people.
In this talk, we are going to explore the unlikely similarities between Security, Sustainability and Green Economy. In the past, selling eco-friendly products, despite the positive connotation to the market, was not seen as a business priority. Today, it is close to a requirement to enable a company to remain competitive.

Security is the new green. Using green economy as an example, we will cover some of the common tricks and pitfalls that will enable a DevSecOps team to transform security requirements into business drivers to their company.

Annankatu 34 B · Helsinki