What we're about

Salesforce Data Analytics is a San Francisco meetup for Salesforce.com users, administrators, Force.com developers, sales and marketing professionals, and others interested in extending the Salesforce platform. Topics will include:

data analytics


business intelligence (BI)

data integration & transformation

This meetup is not an official Salesforce.com event, but we are all big fans.

The meetup is free and open to anyone. We meet every other month, usually on Wednesday evening, and start with 1.5 hours of networking, food, and drinks, followed by two 30 minute demos. For the demos we try to do live demonstrations of new technology rather than PowerPoint slides.

Past Presenting Companies:

Acme Data (http://www.acmedata.net)

Acxiom (http://www.acxiom.com/consumerinsight/)

AppBuddy (http://www.SalesforceAppBuddy.com)

AppFrontier (http://www.appfrontier.com)

Apttus (http://www.apttus.com)

Arrowpointe (http://www.Arrowpointe.com)

Bluenose (http://www.bluenose.com)

Birst (http://www.birst.com)

Boost Optix (http://www.boostoptix.com)

Captricity (http://www.Captricity.com)

Chartio (http://www.chart.io)

Clari (http://www.clari.com)

CloudAmp (http://www.CloudAmp.com)

CloudConnect.com (http://www.cloudconnect.com)

C9 Inc. (http://www.c9inc.com)

Data Hero (http://www.datahero.com)

Decisions on Demand (http://www.decisionsondemand.com)

DxContinuum (http://www.dxcontinuum.com)

Ecquire (http://www.equire.com)

Fivetran (https://fivetran.com/)

Full Circle CRM (http://www.fullcirclecrm.com)

Halak Consulting (http://www.halakconsulting.com)

Import2 (http://www.import2.com)

Infer (http://www.infer.com)

Informatica (http://www.informatica.com)

Jitterbit (http://www.Jitterbit.com)

Looker (http://www.looker.com)

Mulesoft (http://www.mulesoft.com)

Orb Intelligence (http://orb-intelligence.com/)

Paxata (http://www.paxata.com/)

Radius (http://www.radius.com)

Relato (http://www.relato.io)

RJMetrics (http://www.rjmetrics.com)

SalesLogistix (http://www.SalesLogistix.com)

SiSense (http://www.sisense.com)

SkyGlue (http://www.skyglue.com)

SnapLogic (http://www.SnapLogic.com)

StingrayReports (https://stingrayreports.com)

Synata (http://www.Synata.com)

Tableau Software (http://www.tableausoftware.com)

UPSHOT (http://www.upshotdata.com)

Woopra (http://www.woopra.com)

Yesware (http://www.yesware.com)

Past events (26)

May Salesforce Data Analytics Meetup with Acxiom, StingrayReports

Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

March Salesforce Data Analytics Meetup with Looker & UpCounsel

Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

October 7 Data Analytics Meetup with Clari

Geekdom San Francisco by Rackspace

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