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Join us every week for #TuesdayKizday and discover the beautiful Kizomba world with us!

Levels I & II will take place in The Real Dance Studio every Tuesday, Level III will take place every Wednesday, along with our Funk Kiz choreography rehearsals - all info on those projects here:


👠 LEVEL I 👞 -
Completely beginners to Kizomba - no experience required.

Here you start your Kizomba journey with the first steps.

Our years of experience teaching Kizomba across the country and being certified by some of the first and most respected Kizomba Instructors across the globe allowed us to develop our own 12 weeks Kizomba Beginners Methodology. With our program, we will teach you the Kizomba basic steps in the majority of classes, while using some classes for reviews in between.
An introduction to musicality and flow are also a part of our program, which are necessary to help you in making your first steps in Kizomba.

Students will be able to dance socially and relate the dance to the music’s rhythm, melody and mood.

Level I is a full 12 week course - the next start date is June 25th!

Dancers who completed the Kizomba I course / 4 to 8 months of regular classes.

Here we guide you to master your basics and improve your confidence, while also introducing new Kizomba techniques. Let us improve your Kizomba rhythm, connection, flow and also leading and following techniques. Solid basics with a few variations and music interpretation make the best dancers.

We will also introduce you to some Kizomba Fusion and Semba.

💃 LEVEL III 🕺 (Taking place on Wednesdays, all info here: Dublin Kiz Project - Level III)

Kizomba/Urban Kiz III
Level: 9 months or more.
Duration: 90 minutes

Develop your skills steadily and challenge yourself as you go. We will help you to bring your Kizomba skills to another level by teaching you intermediate and advanced steps, figures and combinations, different musicality approaches, and tricks.

Classes can vary from Kizomba to Kizomba Fusion and Urban Kiz.
After class there will be a small social of 30 minutes for practicing and socializing.

After our Tuesday classes, you will have plenty of time to practice what you learnt in the classes and use your new Kizomba knowledge! The social will be free for our students, however we would like to ask for a €3 contribution from non-students to help support renting the studio.

Level 1: 8 pm (Robert& Anastasia)
Level 2: 9 pm (Alcides & Alba/Basia
Social: 10 pm (music selection by Alcides Kizomba / DJ Cid Melo)
8 pm: Choreography Project (Alcides & Nuria)
9 pm: Level III (Alcides & Alba/Basia)
10.30 pm - 11 pm: Practice

by The Real Dance Studio:
4 dance classes card* = €50
8 dance classes card* = €70
4 Beginners classes card* = €30
Beginner's Membership** = €60
Real Membership** = €90
Drop-in class = €13
Social = free for students; €3 collaboration for non-students

*The Real Dance Studio cards are valid for 5 weeks and let you go to any classes in the venue.
** The Real Dance Studio Memberships are valid for one month and let you go to any classes - Check out the schedule on the link below:

We look forward to seeing you there! 💜
Dublin Kiz Project

The Real Dance Studio
40 N Lotts, North City, Dublin, D01 C8C9