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Have you always wanted to dance but didn't know where to begin? Learn how to dance New-York Style On2 Salsa in just 8 weeks in beautiful Orlando! Join Santo Rico Dance Florida at the Movez Dance Studio in the Orlando/ Lake Nona area. Learn the basic steps, musical timing and partner turns of Salsa! No prior dance experience required. All Levels Welcome! No partner? No problem!

Our progressive class will take you from the street to the dance floor in as little as 8 weeks. Expect to have fun, meet new people, learn the history of this rich culture, lose weight and dance, dance, dance!!


• $15 per class

• $50 for 4 classes

• $95 for 8 classes

• $100 for Monthly Unlimited

• $135 for 12 classes

• $250 for 24 classes

• $500 for 6mos unlimited classes

*Debit/Credit card service fee applies

Basic Beginner class is every Monday from 8-9:30pm. We recommend you begin here, we start with the foundations and basics of all things salsa, including its rich heritage and history. Basic salsa step, how to dance with a partner and how to interpret the music covered. If this class is too slow, upgrade to our Advanced Beginner class!

Advanced Beginner class is for those who have a solid foundation in New-York style Salsa / On2 mambo. It is held every Tuesday from 8-9:30pm. Expect to learn new and more difficult footwork, lead-able partner turns and more in-depth musical understanding, including clave. If this class doesn't meet your needs, move up to our Intermediate class!

Essence of Leading and Following class is every Wednesday from 8-9:30pm. A unisex class geared to focus mostly on Partner Work with attention to detail on execution and improvising. This class will teach you how to lead/follow while improvising with street like moves and styling by way of intense drilling!

Focusing mostly on concepts of moves and turns to help each male/female student become proficient in execution with proper technique and an abundance of confidence. This class will take your knowledge of social dancing to the next level.

Intermediate class is every Thursday from 8-9:30pm. Bring a towel and a bottle of water because this class will challenge you to the MAX! Advanced level footwork shines and partner work drilled to heavy-hitting mambo vibes!

Learn all this and more from world-renowned grand master, Tomas Guerrero, star of HBO's "Espiritu De La Salsa."

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Have you ever wanted to learning how to Salsa? Want to meet fellow Salseros/Salseras in your community? This is your opportunity! Our new 8-Week Basic Beginner Class cycle starts March 4th When: Every Monday 8:00pm-9:30pm Where: Movez Dance Inc 7480 Narcoossee Road Suite 124 Orlando, FL 32822 Cost: $15/class Packages: $50 for 4 classes $95 for 8 classes *Debit/Credit card has additional service charge Cycle is open to new students till March 25th! About the Class: Learn the basic steps of Salsa, musical timing, and partner turns. No prior dance experience required. All levels welcome! *NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR PARTNER NEEDED Want to workout? Let’s try this class I found on MINDBODY! https://get.mndbdy.ly/eEikjv3NXS

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