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We love Salsa! We want to promote the exciting dance in our great city!

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Sat Nov 6 Latin Dancing @ARC (Restrictions Exemption will be followed)

Acadia Recreation Complex

Dear Friends 🙂

We appreciate your continued support and thanks for joining us last Saturday.

We were very pleased to see you there and looking forward to another great night of dancing on Sat Nov 6, 2021.

Restrictions Exemption Program will be followed !!!!

Location: Acadia Recreation Complex (the ARC)

Address: 240 – 90 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB

Hope to see you then 🙂
Light, peace and blessings 🙏🙏🙏

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ...
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Dear Friends,

On behalf of all the instructors at Dance for the Cure ( Help People affected by Leprosy ) , and the organizing team for Salsa Bachata Social on Saturdays would like to wish you a merry Christmas , Happy Holidays and joyful, prosperous , more peaceful year for everyone on the planet .

We are very grateful for your guidance, encouragement and support during past few years and determine to continue serving our community with extra efforts in 2016.

We have been asked often why we donate to Leprosy Mission Canada and where we got that idea from.

We chose Leprosy Mission Canada because they have a good record of helping people and communities abroad that affected by Leprosy.

The Inspiration came from watching ‘Kingdom of Heaven ‘ a great move with lots of philosophical and spiritual teachings. In this movie a Christian king, King Baldwin, IV ( a leper ) rules most of East and the city of Jerusalem with justice and kindness.

Although his army been fight against Muslims. for decades he and the Muslims King Saladin’s aim is to have long lasting peace and they work together to maintain calm and order in which all faiths are allowed to enjoy their practices.

This movie and similar movies like “ Pay it forward ” , “ Patch Adams ” , “ Remember the Titans”, “ Gandhi ” … are some of the resources we have used to put our efforts together to make a world a better place.

We intend to do that by giving, sharing, donating and embracing others with hugs, smiles and kindness. Hope you will support us to continue our services in the years to come.

Peace and Light


Thank You note from the Leprosy Mission Office
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Hey everyone !

We've received the following message from the Leprosy Mission Canada office thanking You for your generous support :)


Dear Friends at Dance for the Cure,

Your gift today of $5,500 will have a significant positive effect on our work in Nigeria. Nigeria is carrying one of the highest burdens of leprosy in the world. Leprosy is a disease of poverty, much like other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and people who are vulnerable to leprosy are also vulnerable to other NTDs like soil-transmitted helminths (intestinal worms) and lymphatic filariasis, which causes massive swelling in the legs.

Your donation will be providing diagnosis and on-going care, assistive devices (e.g. prosthetic limbs), screening for family members of leprosy patients, self-care workshops, community mobilization and treatment, leprosy awareness and stigma reduction campaigns and vocational training.

Since 2014, Dance for the Cure has donated $12,500 in support of the work being done by effect: hope, The Leprosy Mission Canada with people affected by leprosy in Nigeria. You have brought the cure and care to hundreds of people and because of your support this program has been successful in accomplishing its goals. It has expanded to now include other NTDs and is adopting an integrated approach by working with local government programs as well as other nonprofit organizations. We have adopted this approach to ensure that the government health centers are equipped to deal with the effects of leprosy and other NTDs and that they include their prevention and treatment in their health intervention plans. Thus, strengthening the health system’s ability to respond to these diseases even when the project comes to an end; guaranteeing that this project will have lasting positive impacts long after we have left.

We and those we serve are grateful for your support; thank you all for your continued generosity! And since this project now includes an integrated NTD control approach, patients will be protected against and treated for multiple diseases that can affect their ability to lead healthy, happy lives. Your gracious community has restored hope to whole families and communities. Thank you so very much for your continued compassion towards people living with leprosy!

All the best!
Crystal McCutcheon

Senior Partnerships Officer effect:hope | The Leprosy Mission Canada e-mail: [masked] | direct: [masked] Ext. 2029 | cell: [masked]
[masked] Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario L3R 6H[masked] | toll-free:[masked]

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