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Meditation Service
We begin with chanting the sutras, followed by silent sitting, and a short dharma talk. This service is probably better suited for adults, although we have had kids too who have enjoyed this service. Dress in loose-fitting clothes if you would like to try sitting on the cushions (zafu and zabuton).

Salt Lake Buddhist Temple

211 West 100 South · Salt Lake City, UT

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We are a community ("sangha") of ordinary working people guided and inspired by Shin (Pure Land) Buddhist teachings of listening deeply to the Buddha-Dharma ("The Vow of Amida Buddha") and trying to practice humility and gratitude in our everyday lives. Our philosophy rests on the realization of our limitations as human beings full of self-centered ignorance, endless craving and anger, and the only way to transcend these limitations is to surrender our ego-centered manipulations to the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida (Skt. Immeasurable) Buddha (in this case Ultimate and Relative Truth). In surrendering self-power (jiriki), we open ourselves up to the vast and inexhaustible Other Power (tariki) -- the Universal Heart of Compassion itself -- dynamic, reliable, and always embracing us without condition. Only in this way are we able to bear our burdens in this life and get on with our daily mundane work with humble awareness, grace, and gratitude. We welcome everyone who would like to learn and practice the Nenbutsu (nen = thinking on, Butsu = Truth) path.

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