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Bucket List is all about getting the people of Salt Lake to experience life inside and outside of Utah. We all have things to cross of our lists, so let's do them together.

🔊 Hit join and come to one of our meetups. I'll try to have a good mix of things going on, from easy friend-finder get-togethers to cross-state road trips. If anyone has any personal things to cross off of their list, get in contact with one of the organizers to have it put up on the schedule.

👀Check out the Discussion Arena of the group where friendly input and suggestions are always welcomed!

👋 Looking for additional organizers. Message me for details (It's free)!

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👩‍👩‍👦‍👦SQUAD GOALZ SERIES: 🐤 Ducky Drinks Hilarious Hat Dinner🤠 (21+)

👉🏽When you arrive, look for my flashing orange armband to find us. Are closer friendships and more laughter on your bucket list? Let's meet for dinner and Ducky Drinks at El Chihuahua! 👒 ***Wear your most ridiculous hat!***👑 o Please keep your RSVP up to date so we will know when our entire party has arrived. o Please note Utah Law requires a minimum food purchase to order a Ducky Drink. o Ducky Drinks are STRONG, please plan accordingly and appoint a designated driver or arrange for an Uber/Lyft. o Please be aware reservations are not permitted at the restaurant at this time so we may have a wait for a table when our group arrives. 🔔Please note this is a cross-posted event from the 🐲 Party Goblins in Silly Hats🎩 Meetup Group. Participants need only RSVP to one of the 2 events and I will keep the RSVPs up to date across both events.

TRY A NEW HOBBY: 🐊 Neverland at Red Giant Escape Rooms 🗝

Red Giant Escape Rooms


👀Beginners are welcome at this event. No outside knowledge is needed and we are NEVER locked in the room. We have a quest to solve inside the room to complete the room in time, but we are not locked in. THE STORY: Something is wrong! Tinkerbell is missing! That old cod fish Hook wants Pan in exchange for Tink’s life and Peter is off on an adventure with the lost boys! It's up to you! All you have to do is think of a wonderful thought! Then have faith, trust and pixie dust and we're off on an adventure to Neverland! Second star to the right, and straight on till morning! Save Tinkerbell exploring secret passageways, finding hidden pirate treasure, and befriending magical fairies! Be warned, if you fail, their may be explosive consequences! COST: $35 (includes ticket cost, fees and taxes) DIFFICULTY: Very Hard, 20% success rate AGE: Mature teens may accompany an adult 🔐I can book the room as soon as we have 8 participants. The room capacity is 10 players. All money will be refunded if we are unable to book the room. 👉🏻This is a cross post from the Escape the Room Meetup Group. I will keep the RSVPs up to date across both events.

🍁AUTUMN BUCKET LIST: Haunted House at Dead City☠️

Dead City Haunted House


COST: our group's discounted price is $25 for VIP Admission (regular VIP price is $35 plus tax) INCLUDES: Admission to the event with skip-the-line privileges Death-be-Gone (Optional, DETAILS BELOW) Repeat offender add-on valid for a second entry on the same day Online booking fee 😷 Patron masks will be required according to Salt Lake County regulations. If you forget yours, no problem. The venue will have masks available for purchase. 🍟 Concessions, snacks and beverages available for purchase at the venue ☠️Death-Be-Gone Option **Tailor your scare experience to your level**: Sure we want to scare you, but we want to do it on your own level. That means more scary for some and less scary for others. Thus, we have a system called the Level’s of Death that lets you tailor the scare level the way you want it. "Classic Death" - General Admission. Actors won't touch you, but will do their best to scare you as much as possible. Now offering an optional "Death Be Gone" experience to our haunted house (This is for Squeamish patrons wishing for a less intense haunted house experience). Receive a glow stick wand to distinguish you as a person wanting a less intense experience. Pointing or waving the wand at actors will cause them to back away and not try to scare you. 🖋🖋🖋Sign the Waiver in Advance here: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/5d7fd742259f4/web/ 😱INFO FROM THE VENUE: Dead City Haunted House in Salt Lake City (Murray) Utah is new and located on 5425 S Vine Street (700 E). Within our massive 30,000 square foot building are over 50 rooms of fear containing all new scares and new screams never before seen in Utah. Come be one of the first to experience this brand new Haunted House adventure in Utah!

🔊New Date👣NEVER HAVE I EVER EVENT: Try The Heist💵 Escape Room at GetOut Games

THE STORY: Salt Lake City's underground mafia boss, Crazy Coz, has recently gone missing. Everyone in Salt Lake knows he must be sitting on a nice sized pile of cash. The question is: where is he hiding it? You and your team will be need to search Coz's office. You'll have 60 minutes to locate his hidden safe, crack the code, steal his stash, and make it out in time. Along the way, you'll encounter numerous locks, puzzles and activities that you'll need to complete before you can piece together the final combination. Be aware that there are other groups that will be working just as hard to beat you to the money. You'll be racing the clock as well as other teams to successfully complete the heist. MATURE TEENS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND WITH AN ADULT. COST: $25 I will reserve our room as soon as we have 6 attendees. If we have more than 10 participants, we can split into 2 identical rooms and play the same room against each other.

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