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11/9/16 2:45 pm Update

Flash Mob on Sunday 13 November 2016 at 5:00 pm at Cannella's (204 E 500 S)! Join us Saturday to rehearse at the Salt Lake City Library Square at 11:00 am!

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I love the music, dancing, energy, surprise, and the seemingly organic nature in which they increase from one performer to five, 10, 20, 50 and sometimes ending up with hundreds of participants! Marriage proposals are maybe the most common purpose, but many amazing Flash Mobs have occurred for no other reason than to delight, entertain and amaze public audiences and provide an amazing opportunity for countless performers, professional and amateur. I envision our group to provide an opportunity for an additional group of people that may not have the expertise or experience to compete with the professional groups on YouTube, but have a desire in their heart to contribute to celebrations of important events! Whether they contribution is in increasing the massive number of bodies that show up (even if not performing dance moves, singing along with the music or in several behind-the-scene roles) and add valuable energy to creating happiness, joy and love for all in attendance or future viewers on YouTube, etc.

Flash Mobs are not new and there is even a very famous proposal Flash Mob performed in a Utah Home Depot that went viral. However, as I researched options for my own special event, I only found one company that charges between $3-5,000 to execute, film and edit the performance.

My first priority is to organize a talented, creative and maybe massive group of people to help me execute an incredible Flash Mob on the second Sunday in November. The songs I'd like to use are: "You're Just Too Good To Be True," "Todo Cambio," and more. I need brass musicians, Spanish-speaking singer(s), Salsa dancers, swinger dancers, FUN-loving people!!! :)

My second priority is to provide an opportunity to collaborate with several creative, talented and adventurous individuals to potentially create a group "Salt Lake City Flash Mobs, etc.!" and provide Flash Mobs for local romantics, groups, special occasions and also provide performing opportunities for thousands of local would-be performers.

If any of all of this sounds like you, or someone you know, "WELCOME ABOARD" as we about to embark on an incredible journey with unlimited possibilities!

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