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*****Message regarding existing Kafka Group in the area (https://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-Apach... (https://www.meetup.com/Salt-Lake-City-Apache-Kafka-Meetup/)).

We have been keen to put on some Kafka events in Salt Lake City for some time, we have contacted the owner multiple times to see if we can help or make something happen. It has now been roughly a year since it opened with no activity or responses. If anyone here is able to contact the owner of the group, we’re more than happy to combine these groups into one and collaborate as a community, however we decided to open this group in order to accelerate upcoming events!

In that light, we are interested in running an open and collaborative group, so if you have an interest in contributing through talks, hosting and anything else, we would be grateful if you reach out directly to Community@Confluent.io

Thanks all!



This Meetup Group will focus on the Apache Kafka® technology and its ecosystem, also allowing its members to interact and share their use cases, do and don’t, how to’s, etc.

We will also hear about the Confluent Platform, Confluent Cloud and topics like Kafka’s Connect API and streaming data pipelines, KSQL, Kafka’s Streams API and stream processing, Security, Microservices and anything else related to Apache Kafka.

New to Apache Kafka®? Watch this quick introduction from Tim Berglund: http://bit.ly/AKIntro

If you want to hear about a particular topic please let us know and we will try to find the best possible speaker. We are also very open to this being an active platform for the community, so if you would like to participate in other ways like speaking, hosting, writing a blog, etc, please let us know on community@confluent.io

CODE OF CONDUCT: Confluent.io/community-code-of-conduct/

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