What we're about

This group will be for people actively working on Kindle Publishing projects or businesses.

(Can also include iBooks, Nook, Barnes + Noble publishing, digital or paperback, etc).

The focus will be mainly on sharing feedback on the MARKETING aspect of digital book publishing (as opposed to getting feedback on the craft of writing itself).

This is because for many people the marketing aspect is the biggest challenge.

So the marketing can include anything really that you are doing to promote books online -- Amazon Kindle ads, blogs, social media, gaining reviews, videos, cross-promotion, email marketing, cover design, inner-book marketing, writing book descriptions, titles and subtitles, etc.

I'm a big believer that small groups are most effective.

So I would like to ultimately organize this into groups of 8 people max. We can do Advanced and Beginner groups, and multiple groups, if need be.

That way it's going to be a meaningful experience for all involved where you get to share feedback with the small group, as well as receive feedback.

I'd like to organize this like a creative feedback session on your book marketing each session where we go around the group of 8 people one-by-one and discuss:

-- What's working for you

-- What you are struggling with

-- Areas you need feedback on

-- If you need reviews or help with Launch Week

-- If you need instruction in certain aspects of book marketing

-- New ideas and concepts that you'd like to share

-- Just overall feedback on what you're doing and needs that you have when it comes to book marketing

Hopefully this will be a great way to support each other and talk about what is working for you and what you need help with in a friendly, supportive, real-people offline environment.

Kindle Publishing and book marketing -- that's the focus, please join us :)

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Kindle Publishing Marketing Feedback Session

Sale Lake City Library

Kindle Publishing Marketing Feedback Session

Sale Lake City Library

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