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If it is easy to be happy, then all of us would be happy.

Apparently, learning how to be happy is not a simple task. Even the most successful, educated, and smartest people among us can have trouble with happiness.

Does it all depend on luck? Does it depend on money? What is the secret? How can we reach happiness?

In this group, we will learn tools for:

- Getting over painful things that happened to us

- Dealing with your own and other’s emotions

- What types of people to connect up with to form healthy relationships

- Communication skills for self-expression as well as professional success

With the above tools under your belt, you will be a much happier person!

Right now, all of our meetup events are online. Later, when restrictions are lifted, we will also have meetup events in person. All of our meetup events will be free, and they will all be geared in one direction only: How to be happy.

Come join us!

For any questions about this group, please contact the group organizer, Cyndy, at 801-532-8008.

This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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How to Recover the Happiness You Used to Have

Online event

This meeting is aimed at getting rid of negative emotions as a result of painful experiences and unhappy associations with angry or toxic people. Some scars run deep from such injurious circumstances. Fortunately, there are tools to help you FULLY heal from such life situations. The knowledge and tools do exist! In this meeting, we'll learn one of the effective tools. This meeting will help with - Breakups - Divorce - Abusive ex-spouse - Abusive parents or guardians - Death of loved ones - Betrayals - And more In this meeting we'll learn how the mind works, how the mind gets affected by painful memories, and find out about a tool to help get rid of negative emotions from such traumatic experiences. After the meeting, if you wish, you'll also have the option to consult with an expert for free. This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology life Improvement Center.

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How to Free Yourself from Your Past

Online event

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