What we're about

Welcome to the Salt Lake Nomad Real Estate Investor Club community: a fun, supportive home for folks using the Nomad real estate investing model to come together, network, learn from each other and support each other.

What is Nomad?

The Nomad model has you:

1. Buy a home as an owner occupant.
2. Live there for a year.
3. Buy a new home and convert the previous one to a rental.
4. Repeat.

Who Is Nomad For

The Nomad model is an exceptional real estate investing strategy for:

1. People needing to catch up with money for retirement
2. Young professionals looking to build massive wealth
3. Parents with young children saving for college
4. Parents with young adults looking to leave a legacy and positively change their family's finances
5. Real estate investors with little down payment to invest

Who Should Join

Membership is free and we welcome:

• People willing to embrace the giving, nurturing, helpful, grateful philosophy and culture of the group

• First time home owners considering Nomad

• Active Nomads

• Real estate agents that want to learn about Nomad (presumably so they can help their clients)

• Real estate agents that want to work with Nomads

• Lenders that want to learn about Nomad

• Lenders that want to work with Nomads

What This Group Is Not

This is not a traditional real estate investor group that focuses on fix and flip, wholesaling, buying properties off market, using creative buying strategies like subject to, etc. We're not opposed to those strategies but other real estate investor groups focus on that and many do a great job. We focus primarily on Nomad and variations of Nomad.

While we are pro real estate agent and pro lender, if you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker, hard money lender, wholesaler, or anybody else that is just joining solely to "get business", this group is not for you. We believe in the "Go Giver" philosophy and encourage you to read that book if you have not.

Nomad Philosophy

The group was founded on the principle of giving 20 times more in value than you expect to receive. With that being said: membership is completely free.

What We'll Do

Join us for a combination of classes on real estate and real estate investing and some networking, social meetings, and occasional outings. There are no fees to attend classes, and you'll never see a high-pressure sales pitch to buy $30,000 "coaching" programs. We want you to put that money into real estate, instead, so come on out to learn how!

Come one, come all, regardless of real estate experience! We welcome members of all knowledge and skill levels. So whether you've personally made hundreds of real estate investments or are just dipping your toes in the water, you're welcome to join us for meetings.

Core Philosophy

Creating wealth through real estate should be fun, and we try to create a welcoming, sociable environment for all. Many people attend classes as much for the amazing information as to socialize with other like-minded individuals with similar goals.


We record all meetings, including audio, video, and still photography. By joining this Meetup or attending the classes, you acknowledge that recording is taking place, and agree that audio, video, and photos of you, yourself, and ya'll may be used on the Meetup site, on Facebook, in our newsletter, and in other promotional materials. If you do not agree to this, please remove yourself from the group and do not attend meetings. Thank you.

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Draper Library

How to Get Your First Deal Done

West Valley City Library

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