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Were you happier or more confident at a certain point in your life? Was there a time you when you were doing better emotionally than you are doing right now, such as when you were in college, or had a more satisfying job, or before the abusive relationship, etc.? If there was, then this group is for you. The purpose of this group is to help you recover the happiness and self-confidence that you used to have.

By recovering your happiness and self-confidence, your life will change in just about every way. Your relationship situations will likely improve, your family members will tend to do better in life, your career will likely take off, and you may even look younger and become physically healthier. The reason is, is that your happiness and self-confidence are contagious. They radiate out from you, affecting everything around you. When you are happy and confident, you tend to attract and bring about good things within you and around you.

This group will help you figure out your own solution for recovering your happiness and self-confidence. To do that we will learn about the mind and find out how self-confidence is influenced by past events. We will also talk about relationships because your happiness is often influenced by the people in your life. You will learn tools to increase your happiness and self-confidence. The goal is to get over the past, the negative influences, and change your life!

Our meetings will be tremendously helpful. Right now, all of our meetings are online. Later on, when restrictions are lifted, we will also have in-person meetings.

Join this group now!

Feel free to call me, Cyndy, at 801-532-8008. I'm the organizer for this group, and I have been helping people with increasing happiness and self-confidence for over 17 years at a non-profit organization, the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center, where we offer helpful counseling and self improvement classes. This group is also sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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How to Free Yourself from Your Past & Get Back to Living Life

Online event


Your past can press you down and hold you back. It can make you believe you will lose, and it can convince you that there is danger everywhere.

Have you ever seen these happen to someone you know, or experienced it yourself?

- A painful relationship made you lose confidence in whether you will ever have a good relationship.

- An abusive boss, guardian, parental figure, or family member caused you to doubt yourself and your abilities.

- The accumulated mistreatment from life caused you to feel depressed.

- The accumulated misfortunes made you have anxiety or lose drive.

If you have then you should know that we cannot ignore our painful past when we want to move forward. We must address these experiences which hold our spirit down, make us become afraid, or angry, or depressed, and we must recover our self-confidence, drive, and carefree-ness in order to be happy.

In this meeting, we will learn about how to get over these painful incidents of our past and move on.

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

How to Get Rid of Stress, Anxiety, and Let Go of Unhappy Past Experiences


As we all move through our lives, we of course experience many, many things. Some of those experiences bring us much joy and happiness, while many other experiences bring pain, sorrow, and unhappiness.

These unhappy experiences can become such a burden and one will often carry them forward in time making it difficult and sometimes impossible to find joy in life. With betrayals, one finds it hard to trust again. With losses, one can feel hopeless. The memories of painful experiences remain in your mind depressing your emotions and thoughts.

So how do we move on and truly live with the vitality and joy we once had? In this meetup we will talk about how to lessen the effects of these types of experiences and essentially get rid of the negativity connected to them.

Some of the common painful experiences include:
- Losing a parent, close friend or even a pet
- An emotionally upsetting relationship
- Being abused or molested in any way
- Loss of one’s possessions, such as a house, a business, a job, a position, etc.
- Being hurt or seeing another person being hurt
- Having lived with someone who was very, dominant, abusive or critical.

Such painful memories or experiences unfortunately do not go away by themselves. One cannot think just positively and just think them away. They come back to haunt. One cannot ignore the painful memories and hope they will disappear on their own. One cannot simply exercise or go on vacations or get drunk or use drugs and then be free of them... not permanently anyway.

In this group and meetup, we'll talk about the real solution to such painful or traumatic experiences.
Feel free to message, if any questions.

This is sponsored by the Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center.

How to Start or Maintain a Successful Relationship

Online event


What's the secret to a happy and successful relationship? Failed relationships are responsible for so much emotional trauma so it is important to know how to start, maintain and repair your relationships.
In this meetup we will be discussing
• The fundamentals of getting along with others
• Whether someone is right for you or not.
• How to see what is wrong and the tools to fix it
• How to improve communication
• How to increase understanding
• How to resolves conflicts
After the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to consult with a relationship counselor about your situation free of charge.

This group is created by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.

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