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This is a group for firearms beginners and experts alike. All of our MeetUp are family friendly, open to all members, regardless of skill level. We love to shoot for fun, but also understand the responsibility that firearm ownership requires. It is our hope that we can learn and teach basic firearm safety, home firearm safety, maintenance and cleaning of various firearms, personal protection with a firearm, and any other topic concerning firearms that our meet up group has in mind. We would also like to support our members being certified in the NRA Marksmanship program. And we want to go shooting!! Paper, clay and tactical. Trainers are always welcome. Dues are $5.00 per year, payable after 30 days of membership.

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Join us and other 2A supporters to discuss proposed anti-gun legislation.

Join us and other 2A supporters to discuss proposed anti-gun Federal and Utah legislation. Come early and sent a few rounds down range at The Vault Gun Range. The meeting will be upstairs at the Safe Haven Vaults Corporate Events Center (Top Floor of the Gun Vault Building). Enter the Building through the South Door underneath the Safe Haven Vaults sign.

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Bring in the New Year with a Bang!! Fun Day of Shooting Sat Jan 12

Burger King at the T/A gas station at the off ramp to Tooele

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