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Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch? No wait, this isn't the Wizard of Oz. Don't be silly and don't be fooled by those other sites. You've just stumbled across the best organized and most attended Witches Meet-up group in Utah. From public Sabbat events to sponsoring Pagan Pride Day, the Salt Lake Witches Meet-up is your tool to meeting, networking and maybe even befriending the real Witches of Utah.

New to the Pagan scene? Then come join us at "New to the Pagan Community" held each month. Or just jump in the deep end and come join in the fun at our weekly event "Witches Brew", a free coffee event held every Friday Night at Crone's Hollow. Meet a truly varied group of people including Witches, Stregha, Hedgewalkers, Asatru, Toteg, Wiccans, Druids, Goddess Worshipers, Kemetics, Thelemites and others who walk the Old Paths, including solitary practitioners and a coven or three, or four...

Everyone is welcome here. Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly group, children are welcome and present at most events unless otherwise stated.

We do ask that if you bring a camera to our events that you get permission from those attending prior to posting photos anywhere if the people in the photos are identifiable.

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A important note to our valued members regarding RSVPs: We appreciate your interest in the many events offered by the Salt Lake Witches Meetup. We also appreciate you taking the time to RSVP for the events. PLEASE NOTE that an RSVP on the Meetup is only a gauge of interest and does not guarantee you a seat at any particular event, especially those with limited attendance. We encourage you to contact the event organizer to verify your RSVP (and make pre-payment) which is the only way to guarantee your reservation. On events that have a cost (for example The Witches High Tea and many classes and other events at Crone's Hollow) an RSVP on the meetup does not reserve a place for you. When in doubt, contact the event organizer or call Crone's Hollow at 801-906-0470!


Upcoming events (5)

Waking Aphrodite

Crone's Hollow


A four week online series for every woman who wants to embrace their inner goddess, reinvent themselves and see the world through new eyes! Oct 13, Oct 20, Oct 27, Nov 4.

Ouija Board Class and Seance

Crone's Hollow


What are YOU doing on Friday the 13th? Consider a Crone's Hollow class and seance! Based on a popular intro offered at Crone's Hollow, this session will include a special hands on ritual where you will work with your board to make spirit contact. Ahhhh, the Strange and Mysterious Ouija Board - Is it a tool of the Devil, a harmless family game or a fascinating glimpse into the non-conscious mind? Participants in this class will be given a basic introduction to the talking board, or witch board, including safety instructions on its use, cleansing and disposal. Following the instruction portion of the class, we will conduct a séance using the board as a divination tool. The cost for this class, and the séance, is $20 per person, you can receive a $5 discount for paying cash. Class attendees will be allowed a 10% discount for use in the Crone’s Hollow store for their own Witch Board or other divination tool (Discount must be used the night of the class). Please allow a full two hours for this special class event. Your teachers for this class are TaMara and Durriken. TaMara is a Hedgewitch, Seer and initiate of the Ced tradition of witchcraft. Durriken is a wicked-good tarot reader, published author, Seer, and initiate of the Mound tradition of witchcraft. Between them, over 40 years of Craft experience will be brought to the table. Bring a friend and bring your Ouija board if you have one. Since we will be using boards in the seance, one of three options is open for you: 1) Bring your own board 2) Purchase a board at Crone's Hollow before the event. We have a variety of different styles of Witch Boards including a deluxe glass top board with a pentagram, paper topped boards with cats, pentagrams, celtic knots or other designs and some hand crafted boards done by Goatwirx, a local artist. All are beautiful! This is the time to use the 10% discount. 3) If you don't have a board, and don't want to get one, bring a mirror or piece of glass 8 X 10 inches or larger and a clear shot glass. We'll show you a parlor trick! Come talk to the Dead with us! This class is not suitable for those under the age of 18. Limited seating. Pre-registration is suggested. Social distancing and masks required.

New to the Pagan Community? New Member Meetup!

Crone's Hollow

Are you new to all this? Looking for a place to ask questions about Paganism, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, etc? Not sure how it all works and wonder which of the many local rituals, classes and events you should attend? Come join us for a low key introduction to Salt Lake's Pagan underground. Every few weeks we will offer a 45 minute one hour social gathering with one of the amazing Crone's Hollow employees, all of whom are magical practitioners with many years experience. These practitioners come from varied Pagan backgrounds and will give you an introduction on how to plug in to the broad Salt Lake Pagan/metaphysical community. We will offer an introduction to local groups a list of local resources, some basics of ritual etiquette for new ritual goers and some suggestions for good events for new seekers. Please note that this is a group designed for new seekers and not a discussion group for those experienced in Pagan Paths. The "new to the community meetup" is a free event. Please be on time for this meeting as we will begin promptly at 7:30 and if no one is there by 7:45 we'll probably leave and go to get Chinese food or something....

Hekate's Supper

Crone's Hollow


An honoring. A remembrance. A spellcrafting. Hekate is best known as Queen of Witches but She also embraces many other attributes. Of all the God/esses, only Hekate was known to be a fair and impartial judge. As the Crone, Hekate symbolizes wisdom, understanding and protecting the tribe. Hekate remains calm, knowing that certain things in life must come to pass and there is little point in becoming hysterical. This inner illumination of consciousness; learning to roll with the punches and coming back to better things is the deep wisdom taught by the Dark Mother. On this night we will honor Hecate by having a remembrance ritual in the sacred space of Roy's Room. We will not be sharing food due to COVID, but we will take a bowl of coins to our Fortuna altar if you choose to make a petition in honor of Hekate, as Guardian of the Crossroads. The charge for this ritual will be $12.00 per person, (receive a $2 discount for paying cash). This ritual is limited to 10 people. Proper social distancing and masks are required. Pre-registration is suggested.

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Fire Scrying Ritual for Samhain

Crone's Hollow


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