What we're about

My business is building community using tools like yoga/mindfulness/meditation/ and dance - which I've taught all over the world! Since moving to Boston, I primarily teach corporate classes, at events, and to private individual/group clients. However many of my clients have been asking for more classes. Therefore I am working to offer affordable classes to students interested in a very positive yoga style which encourages hanging out and meeting people after class!

I'll be offering classes starting on Wednesdays in November at 8 am, in the South End of Boston. However if possible, and with enough interest, I am open to expanding the class offerings to other times and locations.

This will be a 1-hour yoga class and the cost of the class is $15/class payable in advance via Venmo. Plus since there are several coffee shops in the area, I highly encourage classes to hang out afterward and get to know one another. (I generally facilitate and host afterward at alternating coffee shops so that people can have someone there to "break the ice" plus get to know the area.)

It's a great way to meet like-minded individuals in a safe, healthy, and fun manner!

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