What we're about

Our mission is to connect real estate professionals. We have the best combination of real estate education and personal development insights to enable you to overcome the illusion of fear on your way to the top. Once fear diminishes, light will shine. You’ll be able to get the clarity required to take consistent action in the direction of your dreams.

Hi, my name is Sam Sadat, president and founder of Sam's Real Estate Club. Since our inception in May 2003, we have helped thousands of people learn, network and prosper by capitalizing on the current market strategies.

I highly encourage you RSVP now and attend our next monthly club meeting to learn from our panel of experts. Bring your questions and leave your wallets at home! Your nominal admission fee will buy you a ton of valuable information. We welcome people from all walks of life and various skill levels. We have a friendly networking environment designed to help you make solid contacts in a short period of time.

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